Not got a lot done since the last update got the engine mounts made

And started polishing the rear hub and engine a long way off mirror finish but it already look like it's not been in a bog
Not sure if I'm pissing in the wind still updating this thread but even if nobody's following it give me a good place to track the build
Not been a lot of activity as I'm still waiting for the 2.50 x 19 rim for the rear so I can get it all spoked up and do the mudgaurd and that but I did manage to get a foot "peg" concept mocked up I suppose you'd call them "high mid micro rocker boards" but anyway the plan is to have them on a bit of 16mm bar and sprung loaded so when you too your foot forward it pulls the brake/clutch these are only a rough mock up the real ones will be made of stainless and be stretched to the frame with a bolt on l bracket that sits between the carbs.
I'm all over it. Keep it going!
I get the same feeling on mine. Although, I am doing it for myself as much as anyone on here, I want to document my progress as well and maybe look back on it someday down the road when I'm on my 20th build and reflecting on what I may have done different.
Okay been a while but update time

More body work and stuff been happening with the frame ready for the bondo in the future and a new rear mudgaurd has been sourced to fit the shiny new 19" x 4.00" rear rubber and I am currently in the process of making a new prism tank from 2mm sheet for her (old tank was rusty and thin and I dident fancy risking welding it to the frame) and the mount have been tacked on for the foot plate setup still alot of work to do but it's looking more bike like


Also I've drawn a design for a new more jazzy and 70s inspired sissy bar after I scored an original "ron finch" lantern for the build.
Hello peeps bet you thought I was dead well no such luck bikes had alot of work done since the last update only a small issue with the forks and a wiring problem and the paint and chrome holding it back from hitting the streets