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Has anyone used a website for a newer tank to replace the stock one? Mine is pretty rusty, has a few dents that need to be removed, and needs to be painted. I'm wondering if I should go through the trouble and $ if I could just but a new one and have it painted already or just go get it painted..

'79 XS400 :)
Owh, good one. I'm rebuilding a tank for my caferacer. Was looking online for other models but they are expensive as hell. 250 euro is nothing over here for a decent looking tank.
Rusty should not be a problem, dents removable with all the tricks you think?
How bad is your tank? Post some pics. The bike in your avatar looks to be an 80 SG. When looking for parts it helps to have the correct model.
My tank is fine. The one on the pic is a Harley Sportster mockoff. Got that one with the bike and a proper 'XS400 tank came separate with the bike. When the bike is running again I will try and fit that one, the ignition coils are in the way atm, will fix that later with the electrical system all at once.
The spare tank is in great shape, just have to strip it, prime it and paint it. No dents or rust.
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I was told '79 originally but I think I have parts from different years lol I'll have to upload some more pictures from the build thus far
Tank seems to be the same as mine, I could trace it back to the 80-82 model of a Special.
My bikes VIN says something else, but the last owner bought this tank apart from the bike so I guess he just got an old tank, never bothered about years.
Mine is a 2A2, so a 1977 XS400D, the tank on that one I do not like for a caferacer so I'm happy with this one.
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That tank doesnt look too bad inside. I bet some vinegar will take care of that. Just make sure to use an inline filter as well as the tank filter. It will hold you over untill you can get another tank or decide to fix the dents yourself.

Ive heard of people putting a bunch of BB gun pellets in the tank with some oil or vinegar, then wrapping the tank in a big towel or quilt and yhen throwing it in the dryer for a few minutes... on a COLD airdry setting.

Never tried it though.
That tank can be cleaned up pretty easy......just toss in 3 gallons of vinegar and let it sit for a week or so. Drain some and toss in some bolts and shake it to the right then shake it to the left :D after draining rinse with some water and then add some baking soda and rinse again to kill the vinegar. Then add some mystery oil or something close to it and slosh it around.....it does wonders and will almost look new inside.....mine still has a few small spots but looks great inside and yes run a filter as there may be some small bits left over.