FUBAR's Build

thanks oleDOC,

heres a couple new pictures..


cant really see but, i fabbed up a new top motor mount, the seat hinge and bungs and the rear fender bung. fender is just mocked up. im going ot final weld everything when i get a rear brake setup and batter brackets ect, and the motor pulled
damn! and i thought mine was taking long lol. since you update the thread rarely, like mine, i always think your bike is done, and im the one lagging behind lol. get on the horse and bust this thing out! frame gusset at the neck looks awesome
haha thanks man, yeah i dont really have a good camera or well light shop so ill just wait till its done then take some nice pictures.

- an update -

new rear tire .. old dunlop qualifier mounted it with a garbage bag
new brake pads F&R
new fork seals
rear brake connection fabbed,
new foot pegs
new top motor mount
new springer seat mounted with hinge
new rear drum brake stay

thats about all i can think of now, the builds taking me forever because usually i make all the parts, this weekend going to get the battery cover made and coil mounts then all thats left is painting the frame and re assembly.
single back bone? a hole. lol. on my bike, the main backbone isnt straight from the factory, is yours the same? maybe its the angle, but it looks tweaked. are you keeping the center stand?

i was re -reading my build and i saw this... now that everythings done i think my stock back bone was tweaked also.

its impossible to notice by looking at the frame now but i think it threw my rear alignment off a wee bit. im really hoping that i can compensate with the little bit of play in the motor mounts and rear axle plates to keep the chain running straight.


it may dog track a little but with the tins and seat ect mounted on i dont think it will be noticable
fix it now. or you might regret it after riding it for awhile. unsafe at any speed...? take a piece of string and tape it to the main bolt for the triple and pull it straight back. if its not line up with the middle of your tire your outta whack. better safe than sorry.

got the forks rebuilt over the weekend, bilt a little battery hood and tray got a new $50 nos rear tire dunlop qualifier

mostly everything needing to be welded is complete and built, in the next couple days ill be reassmbling and then going for a test ride this weekend hopefully.
make sure everythings running fairly straight and working before i final paint the frame.

also picked up a kaw 550 exhaust from the salvage for a trade on chrome grips i didnt need anymore. im thinking 2-1 under the frame for the most part and angle the muffler out the side by the rear tire.

any suggestions? <<<check out my new bell 500 lid orange metal flake :thumbsup:







Hope they don't catch the ground when you lean in a turn :eek: That is why all bikes foot pegs fold up:wink2:
yeah i thought about making them folding but ditched the idea, the bikes gotta be at like a 20 Deg. before it touches. theres no way ill be dragging my elbows on this bike.

think of them as frame sliders haha
haha yeah totally, had a good laugh about that one drewpy

heres a video i had to do a quick wire on it to see how the pipes i made sound. its F'in loud man haha uh oh

ok so i got everything final wired and ready to take a putt' down the alley but now i cant get it going.

the engine turns over strong and i have good spark. im using a bottle full of fuel becuase im waiting on a petcock. (this is how i started it before).

the only thing i can think of that i changed is i took out the air mixutre screws to verify the tips werent broken from PO. i didnt rememeber where they were set. i did 3 turns out but nothing not even a sputter.

my main fuse isnt blown, plugs were dark and a lil wet at first but not wet anymore.
i tried switching the plug wires to see if i had them crossed.

it bugs me becuase it wont even sputter. before it was idleing so nicely.

Great build Fubar, looking fine! :thumbsup: Lotta work!
Always frustrating when it runs great then can't even get any firing at all.
I was "stranded" after I stopped to adjust the clutch once (though you don't have breaker points) I had just added a drop of oil to the lubricator and immediately thought points were residued up, got out tools. Still nothing, it was the kill switch.
Always something simple once it's finally running once. Spark plugs keep clean and dry.
I've had too many times running fine, then not even a sputter. I know your pain!