Foot peg options?


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Has anyone discovered a source how to install trick foot pegs like the anodized ones from Emgo or Pro Tek? Our bikes seem to have the reversed clevis.
Rather than making a new thread I am bumping this one that never got any replies. Recently I have seen a few bikes on here with aftermarket driver's foot pegs. Mine are in pretty bad shape and I noticed that they do not appear to be taken apart without cutting off the rivet/pin that passes through the joint. What about replacement damping rubbers for the mounting bracket?
I swapped mine right to left, ground down the pin and flipped the pegs. Moves them back about 4-6". If you weld in a tab/stopper, you could run aftermarket pegs.
I have emgo one on mine, just file off the rivet and use a "top hat" clevis pin and secure with a split pin.
Thanks for the replies. I will probably go aftermarket because my rubbers are fubar.

frwinks, I have a shorter aftermarket shift lever (a little too short, actually), so the left side should not be a problem, but how is rear brake operation with the pegs pushed back 4 to 6 inches?
Oh, Drewpy, are all the emgo pegs the same? Looking on Ebay shows some marketed to specific makes and models, but they all look the same.
I had to shorten the shifter by 2-3" and mine is a little short too. I don't use the rear brake 99% of the time, but the lever would have to be shortened for proper position. For now, I just stomp right on the pedal when I really need the extra help from the rear brake.