Engine Transplant ?


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Hello to you all!
I've just joined today.
Basically I've got a small collection of XS650 Specials, and I'm on XS650.com under the same user name.
But also at the back of my shed I have the mortal remains of a XS250 Special from about 1980.
This is a UK market version of the XS400 Special, built with a smaller engine for the UK "learner" market, which had a 250cc limit at the time.
This was only an incomplete rolling chassis when I bought it, but what has been happening is that as I've been buying, selling, and swapping XS650 stuff, I've also been picking up XS250/400 stuff along the way.
I don't have an engine for it at present, and although there is plenty of XS250/400 stuff floating around here in the UK, I'm wondering if I could squeeze something else into the frame instead.
Maybe something like a mid size four pot, perhaps 500 or 550cc ?
I haven't tried anything yet, but I'm wondering if anyone else has built a successful XS400 hybrid yet ?
Well, I can't help you with the transplant info you need, I certainly can offer a welcome to the group! I for one will be interested with what you come up with and do with the bike.