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Hello everyone,

I picked up an 80 XS400 Special last summer that's in pretty rough shape body-work wise but it does run. I was in the process of tearing everything down to get it all cleaned up to repaint the frame. After cleaning and scraping off the inch-thick layer of grease and dirt from the underside, I came to find some suspicious looking welding.

Sure enough, it looks like the rear-bottom engine mount points were broken off and poorly re-welded with the entire engine off-set to the right by about a quarter inch. This makes it impossible to get the left exhaust pipe off since the header collar hits the tube where the fork assembly goes in.

^^Left bottom rear engine mount point

^^Right bottom rear mount point
As you can see, one of the mounting bolts is actually welded over so I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't have the tools or skills to cut these mounts off, fabricate new ones, and weld them on properly. Any suggestions? I was thinking about asking around at some body shops to see if they'd be able to do the work but not sure what a fair price would be.

Thanks everyone.
Holy crap...

That is some of the worst welding I have ever seen.

This isn't a hard job for a competent metal worker. You don't necessarily need a body shop - even a regular machine shop should be able to fix it. They might need a pattern to work from, though.

Whereabouts in MN are you? I might know some people.
Uffda. ;)

All the welders I know are a ways from there...

This is going to take some careful work with a grinder, then cutting a couple of plates, and putting them in. Any decent metal fabrication shop should be able to do it. Not all of them are going to want to work on a bike, but certainly ask around. General fab shops are probably going to be cheaper than body shops.
I'll definitely ask around. Tough part about up here is that a simple search doesn't reveal many businesses. Lots of small shops and stuff with no web presence, but I'll definitely try to find a fab shop before anywhere else. Thanks much for the advice.
Yeah, fabricators usually aren't great with this newfangled online stuff, and don't really need to be. They are small, and have a lot of work from regular clients and word of mouth.

You can even look for "machine" in the name. I have a place near me that's like that.