Electric start and kick not working! Where to start?


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Portland Oregon
Hello all. Picked up my very first bike a couple months ago and it worked great up until now. Currently the electric start isn't working and neither is it kick starting. When I turn the key I hear a continuos click sound until I turn it off again. I'm new to motorcycles if you didn't get that already but have worked on every car I have ever owned and am not intimidated by the idea of workin on my new/81' XS400. Any help is appreciated!
sounds like two different issues unless the engine is seized. if you pull the starter or if someone has pulled the starter before, the starter chain will fall onto the rotor area and screw up the engine if started. try jumping the starter solenoid, if the starter turns but the engine doesn't then the chain has fallen in and you will need to pull the stator cover to put it back on. as for the clicking i don't know what that is.
I do often overlook the simplest of explanations and in fact my battery is dead. Checked it this morning. I guess now I need to figure out why my battery died even after getting regular use. Thanks guys! This forum is great!
The charging systems on these bikes are legendarily dodgy. When they work they work but when they don't we get 50-page diagnostic threads. Hopefully it's a simple fix in your case.
Battery is good. Still won't e start or kick start and there is still a continuous click sound coming from under the gas tank. Any thoughts!
Have you checked the plug wires? Under the tank says coils to me. Make sure they're securely seated and if they're worn, replace them.
You have the same problem I have,check in your wiring harness underneath the seat and try to find the tiny fuse that's in there.It may have burnt out out.Also check and make sure you have power going to the kickstand safety switch
The engine does not turn over when I try and kick start it. Going to go the the wiring harness now. Thanks for the support guys. I'll update with what I find.
If the motor wont turn by kicking it it may be seized or have another issue. I would first check the starter clutch and chain then the kick starter shaft.
If it has been sitting for along time, put some oil on the pistons via the spark plugs hole, and aslong as your there, get some new plugs, caps, and wire. shouldn't cost more than $10. bucks pending where your at. (go to the local yamaha store, (Boat/cycle) not piano/guitar stores. Call them up, they have it for cheaper than trying to find something specific.