DOHC clutch problem - user error


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When replacing the front sprocket on my Seca last night for a larger one, I've managed to cause myself an interesting problem: my clutch rod doesn't feel like it's touching anything at the other side.

I had pulled the casing off and replaced the sprocket, put the casing back on and realised there was almost zero resistance on the clutch. I took the casing back off and inspected the mechanism which seemed to have no issues and was working perfectly. However I noticed the clutch pushrod was all the way in and pushing against it there was no give at all, just felt like it was totally solid at the far side. I thought to kick the bike into neutral, pull the clutch rod out a little bit and fire the bike up but all that did was shoot the rod out followed by a jet of oil. Not very environmentally friendly.

I'm going to go check for the ball bearing as it was getting late when I did it and I wouldn't be surprised if it's fell out without me noticing. My fear is either that I've lost the bearing or that some part of the clutch mech has fallen away at the far side and I'm going to have to split the engine casings off to relocate it. Anything else I should check before I take the casing off? Really don't fancy draining all the oil if I can avoid it.
Update: When I went over in daylight I immediately realised the issue, the cover wasn't fully on and the two little pins at the bottom were slightly out hence why the mechanism couldn't disengage the clutch. Made sure the cover was flush, adjusted the clutch and it's all perfect.
Good you sorted it out. I was honestly scratching my head reading the first post trying to figure out how changing the sprocket could lead to clutch actuation failure. Learned a new one!