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Saw this on eBay says "universal ", but could I switch my gauges without losing my signal lights or worse? Anyone else upgraded guages?


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Just spend a little more and get a good gauge. I got mine from dimecitycycles and they have all the indicator lights integrated into the gauge so nothing is lost. Beware that there is some semi complex wiring that needs to be done if you make the switch. I built a harness adapter to wire it all in plug and play without having the chop up the stock harness. It took a little to troubleshoot it and make everything work.
The dime city model looks like the smart choice. I would really like to know more about the custom wire adapter you built. ( a picture maybe ?) I have a wiring diagram but am mostly illiterate when it comes to reading it.
Most of it was straight forward as the gauges come with a wiring diagram; the tricky part was getting the turn signal indicator light to work properly; that took me the longest because the stock setup has a separate indicator light for left or right signaling and this gauge only has a single light. If you mess it up it will activate all flashers at the same time when you only want one side to work.

The backlights just need power. The other indicator lights have their own power wires already that would normally run to the stock lights. Most of the work was soldering new connectors on the end so it would all plug in; the gauges only have raw wires; no connectors. I built a few fancy y-cables to piggyback on to the stock harness without chopping it up.
Thanks. Sounds manageable. Mine probably won't be as elegant of wire job, but will hopefully work.