Chop Source - Frame Jig Kits and Neck Centering Cones

Hey everyone! Here's the new(ish) adjustable width fixture. It's $50 and available separately or as an option instead of the internal center fixture in the standard kit.



See more pictures and details:
When you configure a Standard Frame Jig, you now an option for heavy duty swivel leveling mounts (feet) for an extra $34. Each mount is zinc plated with a 3" stud, jam nut, and non-skid pad. They swivel 15 degrees in all directions. Made in the USA. Check them out!

For you guys who already have a jig, you can buy just the feet without the clamps. Be sure to see the note about nut sizes.

All of our frame jig fixture plates are now black powder coated for the same great price. We have some new product photos to better show the frame jig bundle options as well. If you haven't been to our website in a while, check it out:

Frame Jig Rotisserie