Chop Source - Frame Jig Kits and Neck Centering Cones

Jig porn! Might have to get jiggy with it! Stop me now...beautiful work though. Respect for making a better (and safer) way to mod a frame.
I've been sending two small decals with the frame jig kits now. They look good on the main rails of the jig next to the upright for the neck fixture or on your tool box or something. If you guys ordered a jig kit before they came with decals, and want them, email me at and I'll send them to you. :thumbsup:


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This jig kit has been on my wishlist for a year and a half now, haha. It's only a matter of time . . . and money.
Glad to see you've got the website up and running. Added to favorites.
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TheMainMuel, I still don't really have the site up yet.. just the one page with links and the email address to order. :eek: Someday I'll have a real eCommerce site, but this has been working well so far.

Jones, I replied yesterday, did you get my email?
Lol. Only table I could spare. Putting all my cash on tools and jigs and such. Copying a mcw racing frame. Hope they dont sue.


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angle_cube.jpg angle_cube01.jpg angle_cube02.jpg

Now offering digital angle cubes. Digital angle finders/cubes are very helpful in leveling your frame jig base and uprights as well as determining the angle of each tube of the frame. They're an essential tool for building and modifying motorcycle frames and have many uses around the shop.

iGaging AngleCube® - Digital Angle Gauge
• 3-Side Magnets, 4-Side Measuring
• Digital Level & Bevel Gauge 2-in-1
• Heavy duty aluminum alloy body (2.17” x 2.17” x 1.2”)
• Tracing absolute level
• Measuring relative bevel
• Strong magnets on the bottom and 2 sides
• Large clear LCD display, reversible reading
• Designed and Engineered in California
• Measuring: 4 X 90° - Repeatability: 0.1°
• Resolution: 0.05° - Accuracy: ± 0.2°
• Battery: standard 9V included

Currently $27.50
Can't wait to get one of these jigs for my work space!! First up is getting the engine reassembled and working, THEN on to the frame business ;) Thanks for offering such an awesome product Travis!