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Ok seeing you guys could do me a favor i am still having issues with my bike fully charging.

I went and purchased a new battery intended for the bike charged it to the specs that cam on the box and it lasted a few small rides and then starts to die when i come to a stop. Only stays running if it is being reved up. I only use kick start, head light running only when bike is running, no turn singles.

Any suggestions and if someone that is familiar with there bike and electrical system could use a volt meter and tell me what they are getting at the battery when running at idle and when at 5000 rpm also what you are getting from you stator and also from the regulator would like to be able to just ride and not have to worry about this problem. Thanks for any help given
check your earthing, I mean undo the earth leads and clean them and smear with petroleum jelly.
get a volt meter, the reading across the battery terminals should be 14 - 15 volts @ 3k revs. the bike hardly charges at trickover.

the voltage regulator is the one that goes as its job is to regulate the output of the alternator. If it is an electro-mechanical one, you may get away with adjusting it (but its a pain to do)