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Hi guys - trying to help a friend with his bike.
Frame no.: 12E 104074
Monoshock, No kickstarter.
Starter: Mitsuba MS-7 12V

The brush holder is placed in an angle og 180° (opposite og each others) and is seperated in 2:holders, the one with a screw anf some kind of nut and the other with 2 of these nuts.
The dealer is selling me a plate where all is mounted on, and the brushes are in an angle of 90°. Is that right so? And how do I take the old brush holders away?
Rgds. Mike


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While I don't have the DOHC bike, I have had my SOHC bike starter apart and can offer some opinions of how you might proceed. Mitsuba made a lot of models of starters for all of the Japanese makers. Some are four brush models (like the SOHC XS400s) and there are also two brush models, which is what appears to be in the DOHC bikes. If it were me, I would stick with what the bike came with, so I would steer clear of the 90deg brush plate from the dealer. However, if that is all you can find, perhaps you could remove the brushes from the new 90deg plate and put them into your old 180deg plate?

It is important to keep track of polarity when doing this as one of the brush holders is grounded (earthed) which in your first pic appears to be the holder at the bottom. This earthed holder would get the brush with the exposed copper mesh. The other brush holders is for the electrically isolated positive brush and attaches to the +12V lead. The positive holder looks like the darker, micarta plate at the top of the pic and it would get the new brush with the insulated wire that goes to the terminal stud on the motor case.

I think finding the exact holder plate to swap in may be a long shot, so trying to fit just the brushes may be the way to go.