Carb Tops For Xs400

polish the alloy, it'll come up like chrome.

there are some later steel topped one which were zinc plated, I suppose they can be chromed, but you'll have to be careful as the dohc won't fit the earlier sohc carbs
+1 on polishing. I polished my tops and the bowls, and painted the carb bodies in satin black. They turned out great, and only need repolishing every once in a while. If you use a high grit wet/dry sandpaper to knock down the initial roughness, then gradually polish using finer compounds, you won't be disappointed. I have a really bad picture of mine finished if you need to see an example. Let me know, and I will find it and post up.
Here's the pic...It's really bad, since it's from my old phone. I will post up a better pic when I get to my camera.


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Here's mine- tops polished and bowls polished. They aren't mirror finish, but I find a slight satin easier to maintain. I wet sanded with 400, then 600, then 1000, then aluminum polish (Flitz). If you wanted mirror, I would add 800 in there and end with 2000 before the polish.

Those look great HoughMade... I really wanted to polish the bodies of my carbs instead of just the tops and bottoms like we have done, but there was NO WAY i have that much patience! haha Good job though!
Yeah I remember reading once on that the tops on the BS34's for the XS650's will swap with the aluminum ones on the XS400.