Café from the heart of Europe (intro & build)

Ezetman: Thanks mate. I would love to have it done already. But I am pretty busy atm and its hard to find few hours to sort this thing out :-( To be honest, the marriage didn't help at all :)
Hey Ketchup, greetings to Denmark... I would say these RS forks are actually shorter... I can measure it if you want....
Hey mate, sorry to hear about the time issue. A guess about the length difference will do, it's just nice to know before i buy the new rear shocks, wether they are longer or shorter than stock and a guess at the difference, since i'm planning on buying 340mm instead of the 320 mm currently installed.
The new shocks should give it at much more agressive stance, but if the usd forks are shorter, i could simply just buy the 320mm version and add the adapters available while i wait.
No issue with the chain...and no mods. But I have to say 360mm seems to be the maximum. There should not be any issue with stock shock length. Maybe tighten a chain?