Brought home a XS cafe... need hel getting to fire

I've been working through some issues with it, I'm almost to the point where I trust the bike enough to put some road miles on it.
And the DMV's here in NJ are starting to open, so I can actually register it.

Clutch was slipping badly, between a mix of the wrong oil, and friction plates missing material, I got that sorted out. Scored some clutch plates off ebay for a few bucks ($10 for 5 plates), and its all fixed. The springs and remaining plates all measured to be within spec, so they were all reused. clean up the steel plates, and threw it back together (with the correct oil). Test rode it with no issues.

I got a relay in it for the headlight, so I dont draw down the battery too much

Got some better hand grips on. The old ones felt like they were made of rocks.