Brakes? not good, really bad actually.


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Hey guys. cleaned up back drum pads, roughed them up a little. and cleaned up the inner drum. and wow i still really have no back break. if i put everything i got into it. it will lock up at low speed. new pads?? if so what should i get and where. thanks
Check pedal and cam for turning freely. Maybe pull them and clean/lube pivot points.

Beyond that, just replace the shoes. They are $25 from Yamaha and like 10 bucks on eBay. Not worth it trying to revive them.

You have an 82 Heritage Special, right? Part number 1HX-W253E-00-00.
Hey J yea i always get my model mixed up.. its a 81 . spoke wheels. drum brakes. says special- II on the side covers. also had sway back bars on it until i bent them out. So does that make it a heritage ?? anyway thanks for the brake model number. everything seems to be free on the linkage... oh yea need to order new chain too. My 78 used a 530 x 102L same for mine right??
81 lists the same part number for brakes.
The spoke and drum model is the Heritage.

And yea, the chains are the same.