big block XS250 (400) Turbocharged

Been silly buying another bike and finally purchased a Microsquirt kit


Some cheap VM34s off a 77 XS400 came up cheap on Ebay so I bought them to get it over the pits. Those flatslides made their way to Scrambled X above, Brett recons its picked up 20% in power low down.

Heres my 'Wreckman'





and now

where did you come across the throttle body for the microsquirt? Did you have it custom buitl?
Microsquirt EFI controller. Open source.

I think he's using Ducati throttle bodies. At least earlier in the thread... who knows now :D
Well I've run into some dramas........... Like more projects, a Dresda CB750 and Vincati with Black Shadow engine...... Along with a w650, Z750 and XS500 and a few more along with getting involved in a custom workshop, starting a vapour blasting business and starting up a clothing label, plus my hectic day job but the wheels are slowly turning.

Finished modifying turbo, having issues with carbs, got 2 sets now off the net which have issues (1 snapped off mixture screws).
Ijust brought mandrel bends, and started making the seat pan yesterday actually after months of it gathering dust.
I'm mocking up the exhaust in my spare frame soon.

This stupid vaccum petcock is still giving me the shits so I'm going to make a high flow one that looks ok and may do a small batch if anyone is keen
starting a vapour blasting business

Hey mate that would be so handy to have that equipment. Vapour blasting adds up. What does a good vapour blast set up set you back? Did you research a good model, because I know there are some el cheapo garbage units around that don't do such a good job.
Mine I brought second hand and have spent $15k, its a Dana Ridge witch some people dont like but they have been selling in Australia for close to 20 years, have excellent tech support, spare parts availability and is tough as nails.
I havt had time to set up the company properly Ive registerd about 15 domain names and am having a website built but Im thinking of selling it off.
I just dont have the time.
My father was going to work it for me in his retirement but decided to stay on at work for 3 more years so Im a bit stuffed for manpower
What are those white boxes hooked up before the coils? I was thinking about putting some dyna's on my 80. Can you tell any difference?
1.6 ohm ballest resistors.
I got the 3 ohm coils as they were a runout and dirt cheap but the instructions state that you need to use a 1-2 ohm ballast resistor with the 3 ohm coils for breaker ignitions.

You can certainly see the difference when you pull the lead off and watch the spark jump to earth
Ok. Yes the point bikes should have a 4ohm coil. My 80 is a tci so all I will need is just the coil :) Awesome!
Love to know if there's been any more progress on this thing. I've been trying to plan out forced induction with a smog pump, and would love to know how your turbo is going.