Bent clutch push rod - Worn out housing


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi folks, I've posted about this issue in someone else's thread but was thinking it might deserve its own. I own an XS400 L Maxim 1984.

I've been living with a manageable oil leak for the past 6000 miles, until I decided to investigate it. The leak is coming from the clutch push rod seal, what doesn't surprise me as the push rod looks to be bended. You can see how it wobbles while spinning in this video:

I took out the seal and discovered the bent push rod has caused the housing to worn out, making the whole system even more unstable, and more leak prone:


I have ordered a new push rod I've found on eBay, plus a couple of seals (just in case I ruin the first one), but I'm considerably worried about that worn out housing. Any ideas on how I could fix this? Would a gasket sealant help when mounting the new seal back?

Extra: I've been trying to pull the push rod out but it doesn't want to come out. Any way to take it out without pushing it from the other side? (I have the full piece rod version instead of the 2 pieces + ball bearing)

The goal is to put everything back together getting rid of the oil leak as much as possible. Any advice or tips appreciated from this experts community! :bow2: