Axle Cotter (Split) Pin Replacement


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Here is something I think is a great upgrade for any bike. I have been running in a new chain and doing some tension readjustments along the way and the biggest PITA is removing and reinstalling the cotter pin that secures the castle nut on the axle. Here is a solution that I recently found out about to replace those cotter pins.

Harley Davidson designed a spring clip that is used instead of the cotter pin and the things fit perfectly on the XS400 axles.
Axle Spring Clip.JPG

This makes chain adjustments so much easier as well as fixing punctures. These clips are reusable and pretty cheap - a couple of bucks each. These are perfect as a stocking stuffer for Festivus (only six months away.) And when you use them, you will agree that they are a Festivus miracle.

HD P/N 510 Axle Spring Clip
Ohhhh! I'm going to get those. My dunstall mufflers get in the way of my rear cotter and make it a pita to remove. Excellent find! Thanks Capt'n!