All over the place...Maxim/Seca build

Gremlins showed their ugly mug yesterday.
Wrapped my exhausts in exhaust tape and started the bike up to heat/dry the tape, then turned off the bike and plugged it on the charger only to find out that my fully charged battery was almost emptied...:wtf:
So...charged it up a little and cranked it again, took my trusty tester out to find that I had 13,8 volts at the battery poles and didn't go ip when I revved the engine...worse it was slowly coming down.
So it was either the reg/rec or the stator/coil assembly.
Testing quickly revealed that I was not getting any ohms from the brown/green wires coming from the pick-up...
Took the cover off and tested the wires for continuity,all were fine but the magneto...nothing.
So I tested the one on my old engine (the maxim's) and sure enough it was good.
Made the switch...took about an hour.
Started the bike up again and voila! 14,2-14.3 volts when revving the engine....:lmao:
Just glad I noticed it in the garage or I would have ended up stranded somewhere.
Just went through the thread and everything looks good love it!

Got a few ideas so if and when I find another project ;) oh and those silver bullets always help when working on the bike :laugh2: I just limit myself to only certain work after a few to many.........
Baby got new paint.