All over the place...Maxim/Seca build

Decided to use the original footpegs, couldn't really find a comfortable spot for the rearsets, so some paint refresh is involved.
Getting there....should be ready for the road and final pictures within a week...which means maybe two weeks really...cause shit happens...sometimes.
Mounted the new rubber on the rear wheel, installed the Yamaha rim decals.
I had ordered a 40 teeth rear sprocket from the UK, which is when the shipping gods decided it was time for their that fell through.:cussing:
So I put a 38 on...We'll see what it does with the front 15T.
How did those decals fit? I saw the reflective (???) yellow ones at a local dealer and considered them until I saw the price. $26+tax for a couple strips of reflective tape? Probably designed for 17" wheels rather than 19" and 16"?
They fit easily, they are for 17-18 inch wheels.
They are quarter circle strips that overlap.
Made for 17-18 inch wheels, the seller provides an extra strip per wheel to fit Up to 19 inches.
They are made of a "stretchable,malleable" vinyl so they conform to the wheel.
As for durability...I cannot tell as of now, but will see with use/mileage.
Little update.
Yesterday I installed the rear brake switch, chain, adjusted tension on the chain, torqued rear wheel...etc
Not exciting stuff but progress none the less.
Then put some gas in the tank which leaked from one of the petcock's the tank took the petcock out to see that I had forgotten to change the oring that mates to the tank:doh:.
So once that was done,put everything back together...and...vroooooum!
Started up like a champ!..and revs great through the band, the Seca exhausts give a great sporty sound.
I followed Dave's example....dropped the Jets from 145s to 127,5s...what remains is to see if it is rich/lean,test under load but I am pretty happy with the results so far...and yes I have pods but they are on the stock stacks, with stockIsh exhausts (stock headers with stock mufflers but true 1-1)
..waiting for signals...and still have to set-up the speedometer magnet pick-up and change the rubber on the front wheel.
Getting there.
Installed the new rubber on the front wheel

Then installed the magnet for the speedometer

Now I need to fab a bracket for the pick-up sensor,maybe one that would be held by the Speedo Drive bolt and the axle pinch bolt.
Got out to the shop this morning with coffee in hand...the smell of gasoline was overwhelming:wtf:
There was a puddle of gas under the bike...gas was coming out of the left pod.
So took off the pods to let them dry, took out the carbs, reset the floats,then tested the petcock and sure enough it was the culprit, it was flowing in all positions even though it's vacuum my guess is that the diaphragm in there is toast even if it looked good when I opened it up.
Thought about a rebuild kit but was worried that it would just be putting off the same problem, so I ordered a non-vacuum one from mikes xs as I read from XSCHRIS that they work well.
Now I have a DOHC but it has a SOHC tank from 1979 so fitment should be good.
A leaking petcock is the first issue. I had to polish all the sealing surfaces in my petcock with 2000 grit wet paper on a glass plate to get it to seal and operate smoothly. It's been fine for 3 years and a couple hundred litres of fuel.

I'd suggest you pull the carbs (again) and check the o-ring on the needle seats (they should be a snug fit), the needle, and the float. Then check the float levels on the bike, with it running, as described in the manual. 3mm below the carb body/float bowl seam with the bike upright. I check mine with the bike on its wheels due to my drastic change in rear ride height, which has the bike raked forward so the carbs are no longer level, and my lack of center stand.
Had a look at the float needles, oring looked fine but looks can be deceptive....i'll change them out on both carbs.
So...all in all...everything is new on this bike...down to the conrod bolts and bearings..
The total cost of the build...including buying the bike and donor....4357,31$...
Not including welding materials, cut-off and grinding disks, shop towels,carb cleaner,gloves,time....and everything somewhere around 5K. sounds right.
Could I have bought a liter bike in good running condition for this price....of course.
Would I have learnt as much and been part of a supporting community like this one...of course not.
I rode the bike around the goes like a dog shot in the ass!...
Will it need further tuning....Yep!
But I will do so here with your help still.
Thanks for your support.
this is not over as will fidget around with it some more but summer is here and it is time to enjoy.
So thank you all again for the advice/support.
Looks great Jeff! Congrats on the finished product!

Also, I am looking at repainting the frame, gas tank, and engine. What paints and materials did you use, as well as the prep work for painting?
Prep is Key...
Sandblasted all engine parts and cooked in oven for any off-gasing...then painted with VHT high temp paint and the oven cured as per instructions on can.
For the frame I used VHT rollbar paint.
For the tins(tank,cowl and Fender) I used the method on Do the ton "Rattle can bling".
Patience and patience and beer...
Makes for a good finish.