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hi all , I introduced myself some weeks ago on the forum with my 1984 Maxim...clean owned by an 80 year, barely 20 000kms stating that I wanted to café/tracker it...until....
I found this...a 1984 Seca with also 20 000 kms...safetied last in sept 2015 but crashed since.100$!!!:laugh2:...Well in fact the guy was selling two bikes that I bargained down to 450$ the other a Maxim 1982 that needs love...that I left for a buddy for 350$ for his scrambler build...that Will be another thread...but just for you porn freaks....

So...back to my tank, no covers, bent forks, busted -headlight and so on...but the frame looks good, wheels ok(eyeball assesment).
After working on my buddy's bike (the one up there) for a few hours to get it running...carbs clean, battery charge...master cylindre and caliper's alive:cheers:
So after that I started bearing into my Seca...I noticed it was in far better shape than I least better than my buddy's one;)
IMG_20160813_162402.jpg i'm thinking...leave my Maxim bone stock...except maybe for fresh paint...some esthetics...but it runs great and has no issues that I can think of.... you'r gonna build...then build ...I said to I will CAFE the Seca and try to get it safetied.o_O....or am I crazy... anyway it Will be a journey ....Will try to keep you guys up to speed on this build...and Will be looking forward to any comments, critisisms...and/or insultso_O
best of luck buddy, ive seen a few on the interwebs that can look pretty sweet. If I remember correctly I have a buddy that has some seca parts laying around, also I have a parts bike but might be turning that into a project too. My buddy has a over bored seca engine to 500 I believe with the maxim 5speed trans bolted on. If your interested I will see if he is willing to let it go, I believe he tried to get me to buy it at one point. He tried to do the same with his. He even swapped front ends with a yzf if im not mistaken to get the smaller front wheel and dual disk setup. Let me know if you need anything or want me to bother my buddy about letting go of some of his seca things. Good luck
Thanks BD, will keep that in mind, looking to do the dual disk....or the single the title my thoughts on this build are all over the place....

I will be tearing the Seca apart today...wish me luck as some of the bolts look rusted on there...some stripped to shits:banghead:...anyway I have my impact out and brand new liquid wrench can so we'll see how it goes.
Little update, took the Seca apart today, it is in pretty good shape as it is. One of the forks is bent:

...put the forks aside for the time being, took the carbs off and set those aside, found that the front wheel is off an XJ400:

Looks straight enough, I like the look of it, Will probably keep it, then took the rear sprocket off and as I am no expert I would like any of you to comment on it done for or is it good for a few miles still...:

Long story short...took the whole thing here is my mess:

And then.....
Dude where's my bike?

The plan is to dig into the engine, the carbs...and take it from there.Thinking of posting my progress on the engine on this thread(not to steel dynaglide's thunder) to give/get (mostly get) pointers as I go along, plan to do the same with the carbs.
That' about it for today, waiting on some oil seals to come in and pondering on an alloyboltz allenhead kit.
So its tough to say the sprocket is shot you really need a pic of the teeth it really depends on wear like do they look like shark fins almost like curled to one side (front or back) but rule of thumb is if you replace the chain its smart to replace your sprockets. They are maring surfaces and you would like them to both be new. I have a spare set of forks lying around which are also black if you need them. Fork seals are shot but still sealing if your interested let me know.
Ok thanks, I Will change the sprocket then 'cause I cut the chain off as it was pretty rusty, then I guess I should change the front sprocket as well. I may look into changing the ratios to have lower RPM at cruising speeds..:umm:..although some seem to think it is not a good idea, it is a trade-off kind of thing.
By the way, where are you from BD?... 'Cause I am interested in your forks but the shipping costs may be prohibitive....
Thanks for the offer and the info:cheers:
North Eastern PA, yeah didnt realize you were in Canada. Theres a lot of info across the webs as far as sprokets and changing ratio has some great info about all of that has charts to help you choose which ones so take a look there. Id says its completely up to you, you know what type of riding you do so change away if you ask me.
Alright then any suggestions on which company I should buy these from or for that matter avoid buying from?
Sooo..... little update.Called the SAAQ today(our DMV up here) for my build on the Seca.Long story short it was wrecked and registered as such and now legally belongs to the insurance company.
So.I'd have to contact the Insurance to get the ownership which won't be free I guess...and THEN go through all the red tape/inspections/engineering f*ck it ...:bed:
First idea is Always the best.I Will build with the Maxim...but with 6 speeds and the wheels off the Seca and a lot of spare parts.
So options:
-swap the engine or...
-swap just the 6 speed tranny as our "DMV" are sticklers for VINs...question is this:I know it is the same engine ...Will the tranny fit in the Maxim engine casing?:umm:
Any ideas on this?
Oh almost forgot, started looking into taking the Seca engine apart and...the Exhaust "bolts" are stuck ...almost welded to the engine...

For tonight I sprayed liquid wrench on these hoping to loosen them up...maybe with a little heat tomorrow ...If that doesn't work I could use my trusty welder and weld a piece of steel in a "T" shape on the end...I just don't want to break them in the
...and are these available or do I have to try to save them....
Remove as much rust and corrosion as you can. Then heat the studs red hot and melt wax (dinner candles work fine) where the stud meets the head. Be generous as much of the wax will just run off. Then leave it to cool for many hours. Use a stud removing tool or 2 nuts jammed together. A sharp rap or 2 from a hammer never hurts either. The wax should "wick" through the rust and corrosion and lubricate decently.

If you don't have acetylene torches, make a mixture of ATF and Acetone, 1:1. Mix only as much as you will need, as the acetone evaporates very easily. This has been proven to be the best penetrating lubricant available.
Wow:bow2:, thanks,will give that a try as I would hate to break these in the head...anyway started to year into the engine...wil give progress report later on.
Started tearing the engine apart.

A lot of carbone buildup in there.

And then I hit a road block...

As per the shop manual, I need a "C" shaped clamp tool to lock-up the stator(is that what it's called?) As you undo the bolt in the centre. I do not have that tool but thought that I could instead lock-up the crank and that it would do...but even with an impact it would not come loose...:banghead:...any ideas on what I could do here?...besides the obvious "go buy the proper tool"?
Remember that road block? Well...

Built myself a tool to circumvent the obstacle

And voilà! Waiting for the puller to rwmove the magneto.
Used the same tool to hold the clutch boss when I had to remove the bolt.
Onward and upward

Upper and lower cases are split...everything looks good for now...pondering if I have to replace the bearings on the cases?