'82 Maxim: Low Beam fine, High Beam and indicators not working.


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Vancouver, B.C.
Just got my bike back from the shop and noticed they missed a few things... I'll be getting in touch with them but in the meantime I'd like to have a better understanding of a few issues:

- Low beam works fine but the high beam is non-existent. Is this most likely a wiring or bulb issue? Would be great to just get a new bulb if that's it. On that note what do those of you recommend for LEDs in an 82?

- Just as awkward is that the signal lights turn on, but don't flash, instead they stay solid- front and rear.

I've looked around the forums but couldn't find similar enough issues to be of any use, hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

The turn signals staying on and not flashing is most likely a relay. As far as the high beam goes, it could be bad wiring or just the bulb. What I do on most vehicles is just swap the bulbs around, but not sure if that's doable with the xs400s (haven't gotten into the wiring on mine quite yet)

Both should be simple and cheap fixes.