81 XS400H – putting the Trusty back into Rusty

I bought one off ebay for just a few bucks. If you google TC 23x35x5 double lip seal, you'll find others.

I will try and get my seal/o-ring info together and post it in a new thread. Being able to source these consumable parts will be harder in the not too distant future.
Okay, the lean idle was due to the carb holder bolts loosening and causing an air leak. That has now been addressed, and I am declaring that this project is done - stick a fork in it.

If I do anything else of note, I will post it in a separate thread. I did plan to post some of my learnings from doing this project, but I just don't want to take up the space, so screw that. Instead here is a drive by video from today that will serve as the closing bookend to this thread.

One more dead bike back on the road (a good thing in my opinion!)