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Hey guys I have some cracks on the side of my fender. It's directly ontop of the brace that's underneath the front fender. I don't know how to solidly fix this. Should I just paint it primer and see how it goes? Also I don't know what to do with the moth of the tank. I could tape it but I don't think that would be good. Should I just stick a rag in it or what?. Also I'll take some simple paint scheme suggestions. I was thinking just gloss black. Thanks guys!(was this too much for one thread? ..naaaa)
If the cracks are in/thru the metal the only thing that will fix it is welding the crack shut, grinding it smooth, and a little body putty/sanding to hide the repair. When painting a tank I use an expanding rubber swimming pool drain plug for the mouth of the tank.
sorry i should of had pictures. heres the fender thats pretty much the same as mine. they are fiberglass

my fender is cracked across the side right above the top bolt thing. then theres a vertical crack going perpendicular to the first crack, starting at the first and going over the side and a little on the top of the fender. On the second pic u can see thhe brace underneeth. that is why the fender is not in two peices and its why i cant fix it from the inside of the fender.
Permanent fiber glass repair can be tricky. The end of each crack must be drilled with a small drill bit. In your case I would reinforce both the underside and overside with fiber glass repair cloth and resin. After the resin use body putty to cover the repair and smooth out/feather in the repair so it is invisible.