79' XS400 no power whatsoever


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So I've been working on a project for about half a year now. I got the bike running a few months ago, just needed to rebuild the carb. I rebuilt the carb, and tried to start the motorcycle. The motorcycle tried to start but didn't. I added some gas, same thing again. It didn't start. Now there's no lights on the console, and I can't turn on the headlight, break light, or electric start. I checked the fuses, and battery and they're all fine as far as I can tell. It's pretty annoying since rebuilding the carb was the final step of getting it in true running order and now I can't even start the dang thing. What could be the reason its getting no power at all?

Update: I looked closer at the main fuse and the previous owner JB WELD THE CONNECTORS ON. The second I touched the main fuse connectors they came off. I'm buying a new fuse box, hopefully it'll fix it. Will update if fixed.

Update #2: I added in an aftermarket fuse box and the electricity is back! It runs fine, however the carb is leaking no matter what I do. I might make a new post.
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There are a number of threads here on updating the fusebox. I generally have done it on every pre-1986 Yamaha I ever owned.