'79 XS400 Cafe Build

Quick update as my bike has gone off for paint! Finally!

New shocks on order
Carb kit on order
Seat on order
Need to make/buy a super slim battery still

It's all going to get done for Aug 18th, there's a big street party for the paint shop doing the work. Super excited!

Here are some images before I stripped it down to send to paint.

P1010064.jpg P1010066.jpg P1010096.jpg
I had a set of them that I think I paid like $70 shipped. I never road the bike with them on it and sold them for what I paid. They seemed a bit stiff on a lightened xs400 but without riding on them I will never know for sure. As for replacing oem shocks the more you spend the better you will get. The $500 real deal ones these ripped off will work like a dream and can be rebuilt if they wear out. You also can have springs with the correct rates put on them from the factory.
Tomorrow is an adventure in wiring and getting her up and running again.

She goes on display at a local show on Saturday!E5D5F2C2-2276-41DB-A31C-53D431CEB7E4.jpeg2A4F994C-0B4F-4030-B044-75C431D43BEE.jpeg
Thanks guys! Here are some more photos. I still have a bit of work to do to get it on the road.
- was having clutch cable issues, almost like the level on my bars isn't pulling it out far enough. Not exactly sure
- leak in the front brake cylinder, needs to pull it apart and re-check my seals.
- wiring...oh god the wiring...had it running a few weeks ago but I forgot how I wired it up haha.

P1010788.jpg P1010784.jpg P1010781.jpg P1010773.jpg P1010769.jpg P1010765.jpg P1010750.jpg P1010721.jpg P1010743.jpg P1010728.jpg
Real piece of beauty! Very nice!!

What kind of clutch/brakelevers do you have on there? Do you have a close-up/link? Looks amazing!

The rearsets are universal, something like this Speed Moto Co Solid Rear Set Motorcycle Universal Rearsets Cafe Racer Bratstyle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PJHKP6I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eh.FBbXYHQ0GD

On both shifter and brake side I bought some older (99-10) vstar linkages and modifies then to fit. Still playing with the shifter side a bit but it should work ok, there just not a lot of room around there.

I can post some more pictures this weekend.