1982 seca xs400 build (New thread)

:thumbsup:Guess what I got in the mail today? ok ok ill tell you. A set of tank badges. THANKS!!!!!:thumbsup:
I havent decided yet. I need to clean them up and see how nice I can make them look.

Honestly I havent played with the xs for quite some time. I feel bad neglecting her, but there isnt much left to do on her, at least for now, and my new bike has been consuming my time. I have managed to sneak passed the cops and ride it up the canyon a couple times (not licensed yet) but I probably shouldnt keep pressing my luck. I sent in my title application this week, so Im waiting to hear back on that. They said it would take more than 30 days, so once thats done it should be good to go.

Things I need to finish
-get registered
-replace clutch push rod seal
-new tires
-decide on badges
Well I hated to sell this thing, but I had to free up some funds for the new beast.

I still have your badges somewhere willem. :doh:

They are up for grabs. First man to pay shipping gets them. Unfortunately I dont think I can pay for international shipping with my college budget.

New stallion
Coming Along.jpg
Wish I had more money, so I could build these things and actually keep them to appreciate all of the hard work:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: At least I didn't loose money.