1982 seca xs400 build (New thread)

If it worked before Im guessing the cable just needs to be adjusted. you may have to take off the cover and readjust. I know you have done it a bunch, but if it worked before than it should work with the new one. I think.
SO I couldnt find any tank badges for this bike. I found a set that had a a piece cracked out of one side. I bought a set on ebay that I thought would work but the holes were off. I drilled new holes and they didnt look good on the bike, so I decided to make my own. They turned out pretty good, not perfect but I like them and they are original :thumbsup:

tank badges.jpg
I bought this bike without a title and I am currently getting all the paper work done for a new title and registration. In utah you have to have a state agent come and identify the vin number when you get a new title, so I met up with an agent and she called in the vin. I was listening to her and I heard "it was stolen?" and then "oh ok".

I started to panic. thinking that all this work had been for nothing. palms got sweaty stomach started to twist, and then she ended her phone call and said "looks like everything is all good". I asked about it and she said the bike was stolen in Utah in 88 and recovered in Nevada in 91. SWEET my bike is clear and has some bad ass outlaw history ha.
put the badges on today. They look pretty good. A lot better than nothing at all.

Things left to do:
front brake
new tires
license plate mount

Almost done.jpg
Ya it has been really nice for a couple of days, but this is Utah and Im sure we will get another good snow before June. The weather is just a tease at this point.
This thread was incredibly helpful for me.

I finally got my bike shredding. Took it around the block once just now and felt bad because it was soooo loud.

KSqrly, do those tips have mufflers in them or anything to quite it down? And where did you get them?
No mufflers on my bike. it is pretty loud but I dont mind it (personal preference). One thing that has been an annoyance is setting off some car alarms when I wrap it out down a street. oops :laugh:
DO you want to go ride emigration canyon later tonight? I have a final at 6 and then I am going to blast up there for sunset I think.
I have a softball game in a little bit at sunnyside park. I'm tempted to ride it there but it's not legal yet.

Things to figure out!
1) little, rubber, gasket thing in my petcock is leaking. there is a tiny hole and fuel is spurting out onto my carb. Any ideas for a replacement one of those, or alternate material to use there? Or, generic petcock that will work on this bike?
2) exhaust - I need to put some sorta baffle in or else my neighbors are going to murder me.
3) some fine tuning to get it to idle a little better.
4) Blinkers still aren't blinking!!!
I'm convinced they need stronger bulbs, if that's even a thing. I've been told stronger bulbs poor more power and activate the relay. So, wondering if I can toss LED bulbs in there without needing to add anything else?
That may all be bullshit, but it's one theory i've been told.
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Well, After just riding it around the neighborhood a few things worked themselves out.

She idles like a dream. I think it just needed to be used a bit and warmed up.
The blinkers now blink. I'm thinking when I was trying it before the battery must not've had enough power. When I use them with it running it's no problem.

Now my only problem is how to effectively stop pissing off my neighbors with this loud exhaust. I may try the option from Motosport of that internal, perforated metal tube packed with fiberglass insulation stuff.
Shit Bc I think I have the same problem you were having. I went for a ride today and noticed after that there was a fair amount of oil being flipped around by my chain. How difficult was it to change the pushrod seal?

Ill tare the cover off tomorrow and diagnose the problem for sure, but I want to start my other project tomorrow while I was waiting on jets for this bike:doh:
If you still would like some original tank badges I took mine off the other day. Not planning to use them again, so if you want them you can have them for free. Would have to mail them from over here in the Netherlands though, think it would cost about 6 bucks.

Let me know ;)
Got my front break bled today. I used this little guy and it was very easy. Nice tool to have I recommend buying one. It took me a total of 5 mins to do it with this thing.

My xs is all done. I love the bike. Just waiting for the DMV to approve my title, and it should be good to go. Here is my new project. Its a 1975 RD250.

Anyone on this site playing with 2 strokes?

I played with three 50cc two-strokes in the past (about 8 years ago, when I was a little 15 year old boy :) )

they're good fun! Looks like a nice little bike that RD250. Do you have an engine as well? :p