1982 seca xs400 build (New thread)

Oh! And one other major issue. The clutch will engage enough for me to shift gears, however it won't coast with the clutch lever pulled in. It just locks up the back wheel. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Do I need to clean off the clutch plates?
Ok so first things first.

Does the engine turn over or do you just get clicks from the solenoid? If the solenoid is just clicking and not turning over the motor you could have a bad solenoid, or it could be hooked up in correctly. Also, check the safety switches (clutch, neutral, and kickstand) and make sure they are working or bypassed correctly.

As far as blinkers go, it looks like those are LEDs. If so, the stock signal flasher doesnt work very well for those, so you might need to buy a replacement flasher unit that works for LEDs. I bought one at autozone for $10 or so. Also could be ground or a power supply issue. Check those.

Not to sure on the clutch. Cleaning and making sure it has the proper type of lubrication would be where I would start though.
Oh ya and last thing these bikes will shift without the clutch engaged just so you know. Just because you can shift doesnt mean the clutch is working.
^ Ohh, that's helpful. I didn't know you could shift them with out the clutch working.

For starting, it is turning over. It wants to start, it just doesn't. So it's none of the safety switches or anything. I just hold the start button until it drains the battery and the solenoid goes click.

As far as blinkers, I'm not running any LEDs. Just little basic ones. I've been told if they aren't drawing enough power then it won't engage the relay and they won't blink.

Aside from the flasher relay up under the seat, is there one in the backbone of the frame that would also have to do with flashers? On the wiring harness it shows another relay there, separate from the canceling unit.
Another question with the clutch or kickstand relays.

If the problem were one of those, would it turn over still or not do anything? I was under the impression that it just wouldn't do anything, similar to if the kill switch is on.
^Thanks bentwrench!

KSqrly - If you wanted to keep this thread clean, I'll just start a new one where I post my questions. I just figure our bikes are similar for the most part, so if people use this thread as a resource in the future they may find more stuff.

I answered my own question about the safety switches.

Now I just need to figure out these final three things. I've decided the clutch just isn't engaging at all. It feels perfect when I squeeze it in, but I don't think it's doing anything.
If it turns over thats not the problem. There is either no spark or no fuel in the engine. Check your plugs and your carbs.
No problem post as much as you want. The more information the better. My bike is pretty much done anyway side from a few small parts and knickknacks. You need to get this thing going so we can do a ride.
check out the new pony. 1975 yamaha rd250. Pretty sweet little bike. I told a guy at work that I was building this thing and he said "Hey I have an old yamaha in the shed that I will sell you".

As soon as I saw it I fell in love, and I have always liked the sound of a two stroke. I think I developed the liking from riding 2stroke dirt bikes when I was younger.

$200 later and a few signs of the John Hancock and it is now mine.

RD XS.jpg
^Aw, good find! I've already been browsing KSL for a new project.

Is there any trick to tell if a flasher relay is working properly? Not sure if this means anything, but when I hold the flasher relay in my hand and turn on the flasher I can physically feel it and hear it click.
If you manage to get a dead battery after a few tries of starting the bike, I expect the battery to be the culprit. I had this, not too long ago, that I could get a few tries out of a fully charged battery but it never really started. With my new battery I can easily try starting on the electric ignition for half an hour (not continuously, but still) without killing the battery. Check your battery voltage first.

Your clutch problem, have you checked your clutch cable? Is it not just a matter of adjusting that?

Flasher problems: check your wiring and your bulbs. I'm no expert, but if your relay is physically doing something I wouldn't suspect that to be the issue here. And as you said, it worked in this setup before, so there must be a bulb broken or a wire disconnected or something, your lights should pull enough current to make the relay work.
I'll charge my battery and see if that helps. I don't have a charger but I guess now is a good time to buy one.

The clutch cable is brand new and feels good. I've adjusted in every way possible to see if it engages and nothing.

For the flashers they light up, so the bulbs are fine. It's just the flashing portion that doesn't work. maybe i'll just buy a new relay and see if that's it. And return it if it doesn't work.

Thanks for your help with this. Has anyone ever heard of someone needing to get different bulbs that draw more power to activate the relay?
I know you need to when you switch to LEDs, but not sure beyond that. I would try I a new flasher unit. They are cheap $10 at autozone.
I tried a new flasher relay from auto zone and the blinkers wouldn't even light up. I tossed the old one back on with some stock blinkers and they lit up but wouldn't blink. I'm getting pretty frustrated with this part. Any other ways of testing if a relay is working, or is that it? if they blink, it works... if not, it's toast?
And about the clutch issue. So, I didn't change anything involving the clutch except the clutch cable. I didn't take the plates or anything off. Just changed the clutch cable. Based on that info, any ideas of things I can be checking to get it to work?

I've already adjusted the cable as many times as possible with the screw on the lever.
I also adjusted the crew that is visible on the left side of the bike that protrudes out of the cover. I don't know what it's called, but it made it easier or harder to pull the clutch in. None of those adjustments did anything.
^ yeah, I changed the cable a long time ago. One of the first things I did. I worked, but just barely. It wouldn't engage until the lever was almost touching the grip. The cable was super stretched.