1982 seca xs400 build (New thread)


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Hi all. I started a different build thread but I read threw it the other day and the thread is all over the place. Im starting this one to keep it more organized and clutter-free.

So here is the story, I build and restore bicycles, and was getting bored of it, so I decided to graduate to a motorcycle. I had a pretty small budget, and thought I wanted to get a 650 or 750. Unfortunately the market in my city did not have any in my price range. I looked and looked on the web for weeks even months. I was browsing the web one day and I saw a 1982 xs400 in an add. I didn't know much about the bike so I did a little research, and found that it had pretty good ratings. The guy was only asking $500, and this was in my budget. I went to look at it, and ended up getting the guy to drop to $350.

The bike was in decent condition. It started and I drove it around the block once, and it had quite a bit of pep. So the build began.
The first thing I did was strip all the parts of the bike.


seca frame.jpg
I had general ideas for the bike. So I started to shop for parts and chop the frame.

New parts include
-New headlight
-new exhaust
-new gauges
-new signals
-new handle bars
-pod filters
shit the list goes on and on but you get the picture


The first step of fab was to cut off the tail section of the frame and weld a piece of sheet metal on to hold my electrical.

The next step was to get the seat the way I wanted it (I think it still needs some changes), and strip the paint and rust from the frame and tank.

Frame 2.jpg
The next thing I did was paint the tank and frame. I went with the standard black frame. I was going to do a loud color on the tank like lime green or orange, but I decided to go with tan after looking at a million pictures of xs400's.

I have been building this thing in my front room and my buddies garage. UUgh its starting to overflow. I dont recommend building a bike in your front room :)

seca front room.jpg
Painted the forks black and the front fender tan. Im thinking about chopping the front fender, but have decided not to do it until alter. Any opinions??

Holy crap you work fast:yikes:. As for the fender I like the look of it original so as for chopping I say no but I guess I am biased as I like the whole bike original
Holy crap you work fast:yikes:. As for the fender I like the look of it original so as for chopping I say no but I guess I am biased as I like the whole bike original

I bought the bike in november, so the build hasnt gone to terribly fast. Not sure on the fender yet. Ill have to wait and see what it looks like. I doubt ill be riding in the rain much. This is going to be a canyon cruiser more than a bike for transportation, but rain can sneak out of anywhere.
Phate I thought I was alone here cause I feel the same way about keeping our bikes original.

I respect your opinion, but it is not needed on this thread. Especially when I it's the opposite of what I am clearly doing. Thanks
I may try to stay up late tonight and start the assembly of the chassis.
So I got the body done. Still need to clean and re-grease the hubs on the wheels, but I threw the wheels on to see what it would look like.


I was thinking about buying a longer rear shock to lift the ass end up a bit like Patriot did on his bike, but not sure. I kind of like it where it is. Any opinions?