1981 XS400 Special - kick start only re-wire with antigravity battery

justin Schwister

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Oshkosh Wisconsin
Good morning everyone,
I've got a mess of a project bike currently working on carburetor tuning. however im looking to see what i need to do to clean up my wiring. I want to "disconnect" the electric start portion of my bike but still have the security behind not being able to start it without the key etc... I'm very new to the electrical side of things so i apologize in advance.

Ive been searching around for quite a while now but I haven't found any kits or anything like that.

My end goal - to run LED headlight, turn signals, and brake light, ( as well as some colorful LEDS floating around (under glow), running minimal wiring with a small/hideable battery, having the bike be reliable (clearly not only electrically).

Y'all have any advice or anything?
Again, thanks