1980 Rear Shock Dampers/Length


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Hi y'all, so I'm currently at the point in my build that I need to get the last bit of welding done and the frame painted. Part of this process for me is planning for the seat pan and ensuring the rear wheel has enough travel clearance. See below pics---The rear wheel pops up above the frame but I don't want to have to sacrifice seat foam depth, nor do I want to change from the stock 12.5" shocks and change the bike's oem dimensions.

My current thought is to add another rubber spacer/damper as seen in the stock shocks below. With the goal to reduce the bottoming out distance by 1" -ish and minimize the change of the tire hitting the bottom of the seat pan. Thoughts on that solution? Or is that silly?

Thanks in advance.

Build a hidden fender hump into the seat pan to allow for the rear wheel to have full travel. It will also allow you to get the look you want for the seat without compromising the ride geometry. So you have to sacrifice a bit of seat foam in the very back - who is really going to sit back there for any real length of time anyway?