1978 XS400-2E Intro and Build

New handle bars
New grips
Seat reworked slightly
Side covers installed
New push-rod oil seal
New kickstand

I installed the new push-rod oil seal and used some Threebond on it; this seems to have solved my issues with oil leaking. After a 2 hour long ride I let it sit for several hours. I noticed a single drop below the bike, but I am not even 100% sure it isn't just residual oil that was already on the bike. Either way it is a huge improvement. Previously I was losing a tablespoon or so when I parked it.

The new handlebars and riding position are great; no complaints.

It looks like I broke my front brake light switch at the lever; I guess I yanked on the cable when I put the new bars on. Oops!

The new seat cushion is not very good; too firm! My butt hurt after an hour or so. I need to come up with some new ideas.

I bought an XT225 kickstand and it sort of worked, but not really. It's about the right length, but it isn't at the right angle. The spring anchor is on the wrong side and there are some fitment issues with the pivot bolt holding it on.

I am strongly considering buying a welder; I need to flatten the seating area so I can make a better seat. I'd also be able to lengthen the stock kickstand and center stand...


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Looks good. Black wheels and a chopped front fender would complete this!

My opinion of course.
Here is a preview of the seat after I wrapped it. I think it looks much better. Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture!


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Looks good. Have you thought about putting a piece of sheet metal between the seat and tail piece? I think it would look better with the space closed. Just sayin
Yes, I have some ideas kicking around. I'd also like to make a new fender to replace the black plastic one.
Here are some new photos showing the kickstand I had welded and the seat in better light. I told the shop to extend it by 82mm; I guess I did a good job estimating!

I took it for a 50 mile ride and parked it over some paper towels and so far there was not even a drop of oil coming from the push-rod seal area. I am pleased! I also put the side covers back on after taking these pictures and trimmed the plastic fender a little to get it away from the shocks.


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I'm kind of excited about this. It came from Hotwingglass and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality.


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Thanks Chris, it's good to be back!

I know its far from original, but I like it a lot and I couldn't make one close to this good without spending double in supplies to practice with.

There are more goodies on the way this week :)
That seat is still quite a bit of money tho or did you get a deal on it?
No deals. I paid the full price. It's time for "stage 3." :D

I'm probably never going to sell this motorcycle.
Sound like me and my 80:laugh: A little every year:) I have some big parts coming next week.:D


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