$100 XS400 Project!


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Hello! I am new but figured I should join the forum considering my most recent purchase.

1980 XS400 special ii for (if you read the title) $100!

At that price it's what you can expect doesn't run and is in fact missing pistons, but other than that appears that most of the major parts are there! (pipes and carbs I have but are not in the picture)

looking forward to digging through this forum for info and advice while I go through the rebuild (I already downloaded & ordered the factory manuals). Any and all advice and pointers are appreciated!

I am in the PNW northern OR area and will be looking for machine shop soon once I take stock of everything that is needed. Cheers!
Welcome! I think you have a pretty good starting point, and I love the color. There are some oddities (like the seat), but stuff like that is sort of expected. Fortunately, parts availability is pretty good for these bikes, both new and used, so whatever you want to do is possible. But, that said, a good set of carbs is harder to find, so keep them safe.

As you have questions, let us know.
Thanks All for the welcom! Assuming that the Jugs and Head are okay etc. are there any "while you are in there" modifications or upgrades that I should be looking to do? Is there maybe a thread of these common upgrades or even reliability mods that I can look at?