xs400 1981

  1. H

    1981 XS400: Charging issues / low power

    I'm a new owner of 1981 xs400 and I believe I am having issues with the charging system. When I first got this bike, it ran ok but dies and goes low power when the battery runs out. It'd be very likely that the previous owner has replaced the alternator as I saw a trace of it. I checked...
  2. T

    For Sale - 1981 Yamaha XS400 Special with upgrades - clean title & current tags

    This vintage 1981 Yamaha XS400 is finished in black and is powered by a 392cc four-stroke parallel twin paired with a six-speed transmission. Equipment includes chrome fenders, 18″ alloy wheels, both electric and kick starters, front disc brake, preload-adjustable shocks, both side and center...
  3. M

    New to motorcycles

    Hey y’all, I’ve never owned a bike and I’m buying my first one tomorrow. It’s a 1981 XS400. It was in the process of being restored 10+ years ago and never got finished. As far as I’m aware the engine has been completely rebuilt. The bike is painted. That’s pretty much all I know. I will update...
  4. R

    Voltage at coils?

    Hi, I messure 11.4 volts at my coils with the ignition on, and motor off. Battery messures 12.7v Im having troubles with my right cylinder not firing up, and the spark seems very weak when I put the plug against the engine block. i tried cleaning the ignition switch, handlebar killswitch...
  5. T

    New Rider/Tall Rider XS400

    Going to travel a few hours to go see what's listed as a XS650 but on the ownership is XS400. If someone can confirm that this is considered a XS650 and how? Or if it's a 400. Im a new rider so would love as much help as possible. Im 6'3, 210lbs and 32 inseam. Will this bike look really small...
  6. B

    Regulator rectifier confusion.

    Heylo. The skinny: I built a cafe racer, eitrd from scratch, burnt out two batteries. I have a combo reg/rec purchased from Ricks. My bike is a 1981 xs400 heritage special. My R.R has 3 white wires, which I ran to the white wires on the R.R, 1 green to the magnet? A brown wire that...
  7. Dav-len

    Wanted - looking for a BS34 Carburetor,for a SOHC 1981 xs400 special.

    Good day all I am currently in Germany and was wondering if any one from up this side of the world has a SOHC 1981 xs400 special carburetor for me? I am leaving to go back home next week Thursday.
  8. killjoy33

    Gas leaking out of left air filter when engine is on.

    Hello! I'm new here and I was hoping someone could help me, it is my first bike and would appreciate all the knowledge you guys will give me. I bought a 1981 xs400 special-II last month and have been riding it for the past two weeks. Well today i tried going for a ride, but the bike decided...