xs cafe racer

  1. P

    XS360 idle issues

    A few months ago I purchased a 1977 Yamaha xs360. The bike was in a very rough condition when I bought it so i spent these last months rebuilding nearly everything. I'm running stock-ish (not open) exhausts and the original carbs with pod filters. I replaced the #130 main jet with a #135 to...
  2. freiesss

    Pod Conversion - Help needed

    Hello all, Currently my bike (82' XS400 Maxim) is running great but I want to put air pods on instead of the stock air box/filter. Everything is stock - including my exhaust. What jets should I order? If anyone has done this or knows what I should do, your help would be appreciated! (Also...
  3. Realizacja

    XS Cafe Racer build - Realizacja

    Hi everyone! I bought xs in purpose to make some nice Cafe Racer. I don't know alot about motorcycles so it will be nice journey. My XS: