1. RadKastan

    I only get spark on kill

    Hello I am having an issue with my 1983 XS400R Seca. I road in the morning, the day after my bike had been in the rain, to work with no issue. When I was about to head home, I tried to start it and it turned over fine but wouldn't go/catch at all, just endlessly turn over. Figured out there was...
  2. V

    Swapping fuse box

    Hello, so I had a question regarding the old fuse box. The one on my 1978 xs is trashed and Im doing a scrambler build, so I got a new one. I got one that is meant to come off the battery and have the whole fuse panel hot all the time, but didn't think about the fact that it needs to be keyed at...
  3. D

    Where’s my condenser

    I have a 1982 xs400 with no spark I’m suspecting the coils or possibly the condenser but I cannot find the condenser for the life of me and there’s only one other post for this on here for an xs360 that says it’s in between the coils but it’s not there
  4. B

    86 400 wiring help!

    picked up a basket case 86. Its hard tailed with a free spinning motor, and no wiring harness. All of the lights have been removed, not worried about that at the moment. I just need to figure out the bare minimun wiring i need just to turn it over. The controls are gunna be removed for hiddwn...
  5. KylesCafe

    1980 Yamaha XS 400 Café Racer // M-Unit Basic Conversion Wiring Diagram

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum and this is my first resto project on a 1980 XS 400. I am ecstatic to find this collaborative site and thought I'd pick your brains regarding the wiring I'm planning to do on my bike. I see that there are other threads with the M-unit blue, but I'm...
  6. Ben_Wagner

    81 XS400H Coil Wiring Question

    I recently did some work on the wiring harness of my bike and when I put the coil on I plugged the [red/white and orange] plug into the right coil and the [red/white and grey] plug into the left coil as per a wiring diagram I was using as well as a post on here by xschris. Upon turning over the...
  7. E

    New turn signals wont flash, just stay solid.

    Hi, so here's my problem, I recently installed new indicators on my 1980 XS400G, everything is hooked up properly and works, except for one huge problem, the indicators wont flash. They just stay solid when ever I switch on either the left or right side. I have done some research and I think I...
  8. W

    Need some wiring help

    Hello. Joined the forum to help out a friend who asked for my help with his 1979 XS400. 1. The bike sat outside for 2 years and even if you supply 12 volts, none of the lights, gauge cluster, or even the starter works. The ignition cylinder is getting 12v and the switch does switch on 12v after...
  9. H

    Aftermarket Left-hand Switches Wiring HELP PLEASE

    This is my very first motorcycle project. I bought this aftermarket device for my turn signals, headlight, and horn control. It only has 8 wires while the original setup on my 1982 XS400s has 10 wires. However, they serve the same function (except the original blinker switch comes back to the...
  10. S

    New Member - 82 SX400

    Hey yall, So this is my first motorcycle, and I'm super stoked about it. I'm still trying to nail down what model it is, and from what I've read, I've so far figured that it's a DOHC. Can anyone give me anything more specific? VIN: JYA12R00XCA005784 Only problem is, wiring is not my strong...
  11. B

    Regulator rectifier confusion.

    Heylo. The skinny: I built a cafe racer, eitrd from scratch, burnt out two batteries. I have a combo reg/rec purchased from Ricks. My bike is a 1981 xs400 heritage special. My R.R has 3 white wires, which I ran to the white wires on the R.R, 1 green to the magnet? A brown wire that...
  12. J

    Cant for the life of me figure this out.. XS360 LED Conversion

    So, im trying to switch my 77 xs360 over to leds. right now, with the stock relay the lights turn on, but dont flash. Ive tried flasher relays from advance auto with no success. I tried using a three prong and grounding it with no success, it does however click at a really fast rate if the bike...
  13. Aedan Graves

    XS400G Special 2 headlight not turning on

    I got a new (I'll be it cheap) headlight for my xs400 and I'm pretty sure, not positive, but pretty sure I got the wiring correct and when I turn the key the tail light comes on and works but the head light doesn't. is the XS400G Special 2 the kind of bike that waits for the engine to reach a...
  14. Aedan Graves

    My winter project

    Hi all, Just bought a used xs400. not sure what year or model, the reg papers just say 1980 xs400 but I'm not so sure... It's got wire wheels and drum brakes with an electric starter. haven't read up on that combo much but I'm guessing its an XS400H based on wiring diagrams. I'll upload pics...
  15. J

    Won't start... Electrical issue?

    The bike was running just fine about 2 months ago. It would almost always start with little to no trouble and would run fine for the most part. After a series of projects that I've been working on I put everything back together and now I can't get ANYTHING. I'm getting absolutely nothing from...
  16. J

    Flasher relay / blinker switch question

    I just stepped into a new world. I purchased an '81 xs400 Special last week. This is my first bike and it needs a little love. First step in the project is to put blinkers back on it. I had to purchase a new relay as the original owner ripped the old one out. With the new relay in I still...
  17. SolidSenpai

    Wiring 1982 Heritage Special with m.unit Blue

    Boy howdy, I'm new to the forum and have been doing some work on my XS for the past 6 months or so on and off, it's only now that I have something I'd like some feedback on. I'm doing a sort of tracker build on my bike and will be replacing the majority of the stock electrical components with a...
  18. G

    82 starting problem, wiring? Help!

    Battery is charged and all lights working. Have I wired something wrong? Power is drawn when I turn they key....that's all though. Thanks in advance. Here is a facebook video of my issue https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1891591954429545&id=100007362757997
  19. G

    82 starting problem, wiring? Help!

    Batter is charges and all lights work. Have I wired something wrong? Power is drawn when I turn they key....that's all though. Thanks in advance. Here is a facebook video of my issue https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1891591954429545&id=100007362757997
  20. Gray

    XS 360 "Chopper" simplified wiring diagram

    Hey folks, I'm trying to help a good friend get a bastardized '76 XS360 back on the road, and the last hurdle to jump is the wiring (of course). I rebuilt the motor crank-up a couple years ago, but it's all been sitting since then. Time to get this thing going. I'm looking for a simplified...