1. Bobo Martin

    New member new bike

    Hi peeps..thanks for letting me join. I thought I would share some pics of my xs400. Still a few bits n Bob's to do to it. I also own a new triumph bobber black but wanted an older project for my garage.. Cheers Bobo
  2. volcomskater77

    19" dual disc alternative

    Hey y'all, so my buddy and I were doing the exhaust on my chop last night and started talking about front end swap options for his CB700sc. Got me thinking about wheel options for mine, so I started digging into 19" 7 spoke mags on the front of my chop. I'll be going with the 80-81 xs850 front...
  3. B

    XS400 Seats

    I'd like to use the "Saddlemen Eliminator" tail section and seat for my '81 build and was wondering if anyone has used this seat on theirs before. I need to figure out if the seat frame hoop I'm looking at will work. What size seat frame hoops are you all using for cafe/brat builds?
  4. B

    '81 Tracker/Scrambler Build

    Hello all, I'm new to this site. I don't really have much experience working on Japanese bikes, but I recently got an '81 XS400 Special and I'm thinking about doing a scrambler build. I'm wondering if anyone has experience converting the rear drum to a disc? Also planning on deleting the airbox...
  5. JordansCustoms

    Thinking about building an off-road XS400. Advice?

    A guy who lives near me has an '81 XS400 Special II sitting in his barn. I don't think it's been used in a decade. It has a little over 5,000 original miles. A little surface rust is coming through the tank on the outside. The fork seals and tires are rotted out. Everything else is in decent...
  6. P_20160423_140912_1


    1980 Xs400 custom finally finished
  7. G

    Only cable driven speedometers for front drum brake models?

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around for about a year. I'll make a formal introduction at some point, but for now here's a picture of my bike in its current state. I have a front drum brake and was wondering if that means I need to get a cable driven speedometer. Something like this...
  8. drewpy


    OK Folks, this is my next project on the tracker. I present to you the Aisin AMR300 Supercharger its the smallest of the roots blowers and pushes 300ml of air every revolution. It sbeen done on an SR500 I'm going to get the blower fitted first, then strip the engine and fit...
  9. Drice82

    1980g2 scrambler build

    Reposting in the build section of a new winter project. I picked up this 1980 special II a few weeks ago and this is the progress thus far. It was in pretty rough shape but the po said it ran last spring but now has a stuck float as fuel dumps out the carb. No battery but I can hear the...
  10. 1

    xs400 mild tracker build

    started with this 3k miles super molested xs400. The last owner fuc*ed it up pretty bad had a tall hand shifter no air filters rotted out honda mufflers ghetto seat solid strut "hardtail" bicycle ape hangers :( He had bypassed the fuse panel and "countnt get the headlight to work.... I...
  11. R

    Just a Newbie just looking for tips and tricks

    Hey! I am fairly new to the forum and figured it was about time to introduce myself. I have just started working on my xs400. I had an old set of Honda Civic rims sitting in my garage for years that a friend wanted so I traded them for his xs. I would love to give the bike a cafe or tacker...
  12. D

    My cafe/scrambler build.

    Hey everyone, been sneaking around this forum for a while now and I thought it was about time to get into it a bit more. My name's David and I live in Hawaii. I bought my xs for 350$ not running from a teacher who had the dream of making a cafe. Fortunately the bike was pretty much stock and...
  13. H

    Project Bike Progress

    Building a custom Cafe'/dirt tracker style bike out of a 1981 XS400. Here are some details of the build: Stock unmolested frame (including neck) Large 53mm forks from a modern sport bike Dual discs up front Single disc rear Chopped rear fender LED taillight molded into rear fender...
  14. P

    1978 XS400 Tracker Build

    Since this is my first post I just wanted to say hello. I just picked up a 1978 XS400 to build. I really want it to be a sort of desert sled tracker type bike. The bike didn't run when I got it but after a carb cleaning I got it running ok. It starts to cut out around 5,000 rpm but is fine...
  15. M

    Westy's little tracker

    been lurking for a little while and have found the forum to be a massive bank of knowledge. thanks everyone. This is my little XS250, UK variant. unsure of the year, but am working on trying to identify it. I think 78 or 79. My Yamaha dealer cant help me. my plans for it aren't too huge, as...
  16. 1982xs400

    Looking to buy a '82 cafe project. need seat info.

    :bike: Looking to buy a '82 cafe project. Needs seat pan fabrication (seat pan and rear sub frame has been cut off), needs a battery, gauges etc. any ideas how to construct the seat and fender.
  17. K

    Projekt xScrambler

    :doh: Hi guys! Yes, I know I took my time, but here it is. My very first own build-thread! :D The main idea is to build a scrambler-like every day commuter bike. So it needs to be comfortable enough, even at the sacrifice of (most) off-road abilities. I posted a sketch already of what I...
  18. F

    First bike, first build!

    What's going on guys? I've been a fan of motorcycles ever since I was young, and it's always been a dream of mine to own one. Well, my 22nd birthday is just around the corner and I figured now was the time! I jumped onto craigslist and 2 days later I came home, now the proud owner of a 77 Yamaha...
  19. M

    1983 250SE Tracker project

    Newbie from the UK, bought myself a 250se taxed and mot'd and running (to some degree Can't wait to get the thing freshly painted and on the road hopefully running like a dream. A little bit about me build tyres for a living, previous bikes being yq50 aerox when I was 16, then fzr400 jap import...
  20. T

    XS teardrop tank, swap & identification

    My second post and already making questions. :) There are dozen of topics about tank swaps between different xs400 models. Although almost every topic deals how to swap teardrop tank to bulkier one. How about the other way round? Our bike is probably from 1981 (xs400 2A2) and has an original...