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    Ignition Switch Issue - no power at all on first position, no headlight on second

    Hello All, I have a problem with the electric system of my Yamaha XS400 81’. Bought it two weeks ago. I understand enough about electric to follow your thought, but not advanced It is a cafe racer, so the electric I believe it’s a bit different than the original one. Background: two weeks ago...
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    1982 XS400s Won't Start

    So I'm working on an old project bike my brother gave me. I put a brand new battery in and attached the starter motor directly to make sure it cranked, and it did, but then i hooked up the starter to the solenoid and hooked up the battery as usual. Now when I hit the start button on the...
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    Handlebar switches

    Hi. I want to replace both my handlebar switches to new ones on my 77 250. Does anyone know if these are the same between XS250/360/400/650? I'm getting mixed messages with my research online. On my right one currently, I have a back connector for 4 wires and the other two connect loosely. Am I...