1. R

    Rear suspension

    Hey guys, planning to do a straight hoop on the back of my 1981 XS400SE because the previous owner did a pretty poor job of cutting up the frame (see picture). The problem is that I'm pretty sure the rear bumper or even the frame would hit the wheel when the shocks are compressed. I was thinking...
  2. F

    Swap Shocks on 1980 xs400

    Hello! I am new here to this forum, so please be patient if this is answered elsewhere. I am currently rebuilding a xs400 from the frame and engine up (I have a goal date of May 15th), for my fiance who is 5 foot 3. We have looked at the option of lowering her bike on the fork side and want to...
  3. robindean

    For Sale - '82 Seca 400 Parts Pile - $100 (?)

    ... by the way, long time no chat folks! Kinda missed this forum 8-) So, my 1982 Seca 400 has long been sold (and sadly, neglected from what I hear). I have a list of new moto gear I'd like to purchase for the upcoming season and hope you kind folks can help me by purchasing some (or all) of my...
  4. seb_xs400seca83

    shock xs400 seca 1983

    Hello, I bought a 1983 XS400 seca I will wish to know the total length of the rear shock as the one I bought the guy welding a steel pipe ... I will wish to replace the tube by an equivalent damper the original ... you have references or dimensions of the original shock ... thank you very much...
  5. J

    Rear shock upper bolt... Nevermind, I got it. Delete if you want.

    I've been working on my XS400 a bit and I've hit a snag... an ugly snag. Someone who owned it before me put on an aftermarket rear rack setup. Apparently when they did it they removed at least the upper bolts on the rear shocks. Unfortunately they also reinstalled the left side upper rear...
  6. D

    looking for options

    i recently bought my 82 yamaha heritage special off of a friend with a lot of little things wrong with it here and there but i was curious. what forks are compatable and what all would i need to change out. i want to run a meatier front tire and thicker forks. in the process of turning it into a...
  7. R

    Resistance When Rolling Bike Backwards.

    Hi Guys, I have an 1983 XS400K Maxim. The problem I am having is that when I roll the bike backwards is that there is some resistance. It will roll forward without any problem. When the bike is on the centre stand both front and rear wheels move freely. The transmission is in neutral as...
  8. J

    Fork Tube Replacement Resource???

    Hi, Still working on my wife's XS400 Seca. It is rebuilt and running well but it needs new fork tubes. I disassembled and found deep pitting which is causing the leakage. I found some on the Race Tech website but they are imported from TNK. 1. Does anyone here have a resource for...
  9. P


    I have a xs400f which at some stage in its life has had a 650 front end swap. I am trying to remove these , which i think are preload adjusters , i have removed the small circlip but i can't see how to take them out?:shrug: [/url]untitled-4.jpg by Brisbane2Bristol, on Flickr[/IMG] Thanks
  10. G

    First build need some help and ideas and just to say hi to the new guy

    I'm new to the forum and new to the xs400 world doing my first build got bike yesterday have a idea of what I want to do with it. Going for the rat bobber look I want it to look like a guy built it from parts in his garage in 1950's the thing holding me back right now is the extending of the...
  11. Old Mose

    Fork Tube Length

    Like many with old bikes, in spite of taking good care of them, I have recently noticed some rust spots in the travel area on my fork tubes. There are lots of tubes for the 1977 on e-bay but most are in much worse shape than mine. New replacement tube are out of my price range. I've looked at...
  12. F

    New XS400 Project and Question About Bearing Sizes

    Hello! So in a search for a project for the summer I came across a 1980 XS400 Special on CL and picked it up that day for a cool $100. Its actually in fairly good condition besides the tires and quite a bit of dust. I believe it sat in a storage unit for quite some time. I am working on my...
  13. C

    How do I remove swing arm on 82 maxim?

    Pretty simple, trying to get my swing arm off to make it easier to strip and paint but the bolt absolutely will not budge even when using a hammer. It also doesn't work to use a clamp. At this point I am thinking I there is something blocking it from coming out but I can't see anything in...
  14. Robsteeler66

    Changing to an XS650 neck

    I know there are threads about changing to XS650 forks by using new bearing and making it fit, but doesn't this seem like an elegant solution? Lop off your neck and weld this in and your options open up dramatically. You bobber guys could even run one of these front ends. I'm almost...
  15. T

    are shocks interchangable from years

    i have a 1979 and need shocks found a set 1978 can i interchange them also thinking about a springer any one have a ides where to start looking thanks for the help tree
  16. U

    Question for the machinists.

    XS400 monoshock with roller bearings in the swing arm. The bearings are available, the matching shaft / bushing is not. The old shafts gets rusted and pitted. Could the old shaft be turned down, and a bronze bushing be machined to go between the shaft and two new roller bearings? Unkle Crusty
  17. MrYeats

    yoke swap

    can a yoke from a xs400 fit a xs650 ?
  18. Jso123

    Installing Gaiters / fork boots - where to start?

    Has anyone done this on a Maxim? It looks like a bigger job than I thought - but they arrived in the mail... Guess I start by jacking up the bike. Appreciate any tips from anyone who has already done this... Thanks
  19. billday

    DOHC XS400 fork disassembly question

    Hi everybody, Trying to change the fork oil on my DOHC XS400, first time doing it myself. The manual says that after I pry off the dust cap there is a spring stopper that I need to depress in order to remove a circlip. See the picture: Under the dust cap I have a blank looking piece of...
  20. D

    Compatibility Front End & Forks

    Hey guys, trying to re build my front suspension. Tubes are pitted, and having trouble finding a replacement that isnt a shitload of cash. Ive found a few sets online that go to the maxim, Seca, 400J, etc models. They have 35mm tubes which are too big for my existing set up. It would seem...