1. CaptChrome

    Tach/Speedo Rehab

    It's been 350 miles since Trusty Rusty was put back on the road, and the tach dial developed a noticeable shimmy while riding. A short while later, one of the screws holding the dial face in place completely backed out followed by the other screw a few minutes later. So, I took the tach off...
  2. A

    Free - Partly functional speedo/tach cluster from '82 Seca

    The PO of my 1982 XS 400 Seca did something to the tach and completely destroyed it. I'll be upgrading, and I'll give away any/all of these parts for free if you pay shipping. The case is faded but perfectly fine. The speedo works, but it looks difficult to remove from the housing in one piece...
  3. Jso123

    Considering gauge upgrade

    Saw this on eBay ......it says "universal ", but could I switch my gauges without losing my signal lights or worse? Anyone else upgraded guages?
  4. C

    Tachometer lights up, Speedo doesn't. Ideas?

    Hey team, Riding my 81 xs400 last night and my speedo back light doesn't light up however my tach does. Any ideas? Fuse? My high beam is dead too, any correlation? Thanks Team.
  5. W

    speedo/tacho assembly suggestion

    soo after my faulty speedo gear made the needle striking around finally it broke today actually im looking for something can bolt-on and plug-&-play without major modification, and I'm trying to mimic a "Honda CB400 superfour" look(pics included in attachment),which has a softer, round looking...
  6. M

    Speedometer is off

    Hey guys, Just wondering what could possibly be wrong with my speedometer. I went through a speed radar that your city will randomly have around town and every time I read my speed my speedometer tells me differently. I could even tell as well, as I'll be going 25, but in reality I'll be...
  7. Jso123

    Speedometer needs help.... 82 maxim

    My speedometer does not work or move. However, when I disconnected the cable at the front wheel and spin it in my fingers, the dial does react. The cable does does not seem to bind anywhere... So I don't think it is the cable. I guess l'll wait for my service manual to arrive so I can figure...
  8. Taintedsaiden

    No neutral

    Hello all; today I leave my first post, for my first motorcycle, about one week and three drops after my first ride. My ride: '82 SX400 Maxim. I have no idea how many miles because the speedo/tach does not work. This sucker is a beater though, so a great bike for me to learn on. That said...
  9. F

    Light for speedometer gauge died

    Hey everyone, the light inside my speedometer died the other day, tried taking it apart nut it looks like it's one entire sealed plastic unit. Don't know if its possible to change the lights in the gauges, I've also been wanting to take it apart because there is a water stain inside the tach...