seca 400

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    Good day from Canada

    Hi Folks. I'm very happy to have found a 1982 Seca 400 in decent shape with apperently low km. (13000insh) Back in 1983 I hade bought my first bike at 19 with the help of my dad. He was not into bikes at all. French Canadian Farmer. But he supported my youthful desire nonetheless. It was a 1983...
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    1982 tank on 1983 xs400R?

    Hey all, Recently i purchased a 1983 Xs400r Seca and the tank is absolutely toast. While looking online I found a few 1982 tanks that are in good ish shape and not too expensive. Does anyone know if the 1982 tank will fit on my 1983? Thanks!
  3. A

    Free - Partly functional speedo/tach cluster from '82 Seca

    The PO of my 1982 XS 400 Seca did something to the tach and completely destroyed it. I'll be upgrading, and I'll give away any/all of these parts for free if you pay shipping. The case is faded but perfectly fine. The speedo works, but it looks difficult to remove from the housing in one piece...
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    ‘82 XS400 Seca Tank and Body

    Just recently bought a 82 400 Seca and the original tank was replaced with a very ill fitting one. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or info on either where to get a new tank or better fitting replacement. I had to make a bracket for the current tank to fit the mounting position and accept the...
  5. MAG-XS400RJ

    For Sale - Seat for 1982 Yamaha Seca XS400RJ $20 + shipping

    As shown in pictures. Besides the split at seam up front in fair to good condition. Motorcycle's been sold (still running well!) clearing out the old seat. If you do want please respond quickly. $20 + shipping I'm in Annapolis, MD 21409
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    82' Seca 400 tail/side rack ideas

    Hello! New here.. and relatively new to riding! Got my 82' Seca 400 last summer and have been loving riding and learning A TON about the bike since. Currently working on a few things on it, one of which is finding some sort of tail/side rack for carrying a bit of gear/luggage. I've seen a few...
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    Seca 400 gas tank interchangeability

    So I recently received a free 1982 xs400r seca. It needs a new headgaket, headlight, and a few other things. One thing is the gas tank leaks pretty bad from the seams. It looks like someone already tried to do a seal job on it and its flaking in the tank. Personally I think the tank is too far...
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    ISO 82 seca 400 fuel tank

    I recently was given the 82 Yamaha seca 400 I first learned to ride bike on from 1996. Back then I had a leaky tank and had coated the inside which worked but the bike has since been with a family member who left it sit for years with 1/3 tank of gas. The coating has since rotted away and...