1. XS-KM


  2. R

    Rear suspension

    Hey guys, planning to do a straight hoop on the back of my 1981 XS400SE because the previous owner did a pretty poor job of cutting up the frame (see picture). The problem is that I'm pretty sure the rear bumper or even the frame would hit the wheel when the shocks are compressed. I was thinking...
  3. The Mighty Don Allan

    xs400 basketcase first build

    Good day folks! I am very excited to have picked up an almost complete basketcase xs400.. 2 fames (1 with papers), tripple trees, forks, risers, bars, tank, wheels, sprocket, carbs, headers and the engine which needs a top end rebuild, right side piston is pock marked from a blown valve...
  4. B

    '81 Tracker/Scrambler Build

    Hello all, I'm new to this site. I don't really have much experience working on Japanese bikes, but I recently got an '81 XS400 Special and I'm thinking about doing a scrambler build. I'm wondering if anyone has experience converting the rear drum to a disc? Also planning on deleting the airbox...
  5. P

    1982 XS400 Heritage Special Scrambler Log

    Hello all, My name is Peter and I am from Canada, I have gotten so much information from this forum and decided to contribute by posting what I will be doing to my XS400 this summer, and hopefully get some advices and tips on how to make my XS400 into a scrambler style bike. The bike is...
  6. N

    For Sale - 1977 XS400 project bike

    Bought this bike over summer, moved off to school before I had time to get it in riding condition again. Started fine when I had it, but ran on one cylinder. Needs new piston rings, valve seals, etc. Previous owner had made this into a scrambler type thing. I was planning on turning it back...
  7. Q

    Hold Fast Motors "black and tan" Scrambler Build

    I’m Andy Hull I started riding and modifying bikes when I was 15, started out with a old Tomos Silver Bullet moped. I went from two wheels into four wheels then decided that four wheels consumed to much space in my little shop/garage and I returned to the roots 2 years ago when I started picking...