1. Chrisbobchuck

    Ran fine last year, now nothing, HELP

    I've had my 77 XS400 for a few years now. All i have ever done is drain the gas and put the battery on a trickle charger for the winter. I only use 90 or better no ethanol gas. this year i put fresh gas in and it took awhile, but she fired up and ran great...for three minutes. after that, it...
  2. L

    Skip over plz

    I'll return and post a proper question, when everyone is on, And, after I've done some proper research Hopefully I return with all my limbs and my head on me shoulders Bie now:wink2:
  3. L

    My concerns's been resolved(thread=dead)

    My concerns have been resolved. Thanks Mototrooper!
  4. Superdog25

    I think I screwed up big time. Help!!

    Like a total noob, I think I really messed up. my oil drain bolt was super stripped so I went online and looked to see if there was another drain bolt, I found a guy on line and he said there was so I drained it, or so I thought. i added two quarts of oil and started it up, and all of a sudden...
  5. Superdog25

    Oil leak from clutch rod. Help!!

    Hello everyone. I got this bike a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to get it up and running. I have encountered a weird oil leak tho. It looks to be the clutch rod seal. And everytime I put it in first, it dies. I opened up the sprocket cover and noticed the clutch rod leaking, and when I put...
  6. Superdog25

    First bike. I could use a little help here

    So I just purchased my first bike ever. It's a 1981 xs400 special. The electric start button is broken so it's kick start only. Is there a procedure to start it? Iv been trying for hours to start it. When I bought it, the guy just kicked it once and it started. I don't get it. Sorry for the noob...
  7. Jso123

    Just got an 82 Maxim

    Got it yesterday. Has about 10,000 miles on it and seems in fairly good shape. Its my first bike and am in the basement of the learning curve. Don't even have a license for it yet. I'm not a kid, so call it a mid life crisis or second childhood..... I've always wanted a bike but the time was...