new guy

  1. JStaggs99

    Will I need to get new carbs?

    Howdy, first time posting and just got an 81 XS400 yesterday. Now I'll preface this by saying I'm not a bike mechanic by qny means but I am an auto mechanic. The guy said the carbs had a float issue and they absolutely do. The floats have holes in them so they'll need to be replaced for sure...
  2. J

    Question about replacing batteries

    Hey everyone, I'm super new to this forum and super new to the XS400. I recently picked up a 1979 XS400F and the battery is real old, and real dead. I really want to replace it with a maintenance free battery but I can't seem to find one that says it works for the 1979 model. BikeBandit says...
  3. B

    Xs400 not regulating

    I know i've read threw most of the posts about this, but I just don't understand what is going on. Help me out? The skinny: From engine: Black - field coil ground? Green - field coil 3 whites- ac current I have the r292 VR, the magnet works when energized directly from battery, green receiving...
  4. M

    Please help finding a seat!!!!

    Hey guys totally new to the group! Can someone help find a seat I can use for my 81’? I bought my bike for only $300, it was a steal!! All I did was put in a new battery, gave it a tuneup and bam a great running xs400 special! problem is my seat. I’m looking for a brat style seat. Can anyone...
  5. R

    New to the forum

    Hi everyone just got on the forum. In the short time I have been on here I have gotten some valuable information. I have a 81 xs400 I bought last year and started turning it into a street tracker over the summer. I’m over half way done with the project. Just finished the wiring. I put in the...
  6. Superdog25

    I think I screwed up big time. Help!!

    Like a total noob, I think I really messed up. my oil drain bolt was super stripped so I went online and looked to see if there was another drain bolt, I found a guy on line and he said there was so I drained it, or so I thought. i added two quarts of oil and started it up, and all of a sudden...
  7. Superdog25

    Oil leak from clutch rod. Help!!

    Hello everyone. I got this bike a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to get it up and running. I have encountered a weird oil leak tho. It looks to be the clutch rod seal. And everytime I put it in first, it dies. I opened up the sprocket cover and noticed the clutch rod leaking, and when I put...
  8. L

    Buying my first motorcycle, what do you think about this?

    Hey there, I live in SLC, UT, and am buying my first motorcycle. Checked out this today ( Looking for something not too heavy, but also fun to ride, and I love this style. Everything seemed to be...
  9. A

    Beginner, with tons of questions. Excited to join this Forum!

    Hello everybody. I am a new rider that has been wanting to ride my whole life. I just recently bought a 1982 Yamaha XS400 Heritage Special, it is in good condition, with almost 7,000 miles on it and a brand new carb. The PO took care of the bike and road it occasionally. Now my first...