model id

  1. F

    Help me identify what XS400 this is! and why its so hard to start!

    bought this bike for $600 the guy told me the carbs needed cleaning, so i clean them but now I've realized that this bike has a really hard time being started i think its either because most components need to be adjusted such as the valves and the carbs (more on that later) I'm pretty sure...
  2. A

    Is this bike all original?

    Hello everybody, This XS400 year 1982, with only 10k miles on the clock is for sale for the equivalent of 1200 usd (what is acceptable here in Brazil, but intent to reduce a little bit) As this model wasn’t sold here (in accordance with some information I have this bike arrived illegally here...
  3. S

    Intro and looking for some pointers

    I'm in Laporte IN hoping to get some riding in before the winter but I don't see that happening. I picked up what I am told are 1979 and 1981 xs400's. I'm wondering how to I.D. the two. one has been stripped and powder coated and about 1/2-3/4 reassembled and one is complete but needs restored...
  4. D

    Mix and matched engine parts? Need help with ID!

    Just picked this up. Title says it's an 81 xs400. PO did some top end work, and it came with two different cyl heads. The exhaust pipes/flanges don't fit to the head I got running on it. I need to get new pipes and/or flanges, but don't know which head this is! It's not rounded like the 81 xs400...
  5. Shawna978

    9 digit VIN

    Hi everyone. I'm the newby here. I was recently given, as in free, an xs400. Our intentions are to customize it so I can ride. I'm having one he'll of a time figuring out what year this bike is since it has a 9 digit VIN. I've come to the conclusion that it's pre 1981 but that really doesn't do...
  6. R

    friend was junking this so I bought. it

    My friend had this I bought it and idk what he did to it but I need help wiring fuse box and identify what model
  7. M

    Westy's little tracker

    been lurking for a little while and have found the forum to be a massive bank of knowledge. thanks everyone. This is my little XS250, UK variant. unsure of the year, but am working on trying to identify it. I think 78 or 79. My Yamaha dealer cant help me. my plans for it aren't too huge, as...
  8. O

    Please help identify my xs from the 70's

    I looked up my VIN# using a chart from the forum and it said I have an xs360? The bike's plastic piece covering the air filter says 400. (maybe engine was swapped?) The chart I referenced also said its a 1977 engine. My title says I have a 1978. Alot of threads on this site make me think i...
  9. J

    New guy, old bike

    New here, not that new to bikes have a newer KLR and an 88 NX250 honda. Just picked up a sort of running 82 heritage special as a project and for my son to ride. Question 1: does anyone know of a dirt style foot peg that would be a direct fit or will I need to fab one? Question 2: the vin...
  10. B

    Which model???

    Hi, I've just bought an 82 xs400 and am looking for parts. The problem is I'm not sure which model I have. Is there an easy was to find out? Thanks
  11. V

    Help! Too new to an XS to help myself

    Hi guys, My first time posting on the forum, I recently just got my hands on a frame and engine of an unknown '400 and I'm thinking about returning it to its original state. First, the engine # reads 1MO and frame # 2L0, could someone please kindly help me with the ID of this bike? Secondly...
  12. O

    What have I just bought?

    Hi there fellow bikers,I need a little help if possible from you buff's.Ijust bought a bike thats supposed to be a 1979/80 xs400 special been searching for a vin no.but cant find it. The engine and frame have the same no. 2L0-072351 can the bike be identified from that?I want to restore it to...
  13. dodger0129


    Hey guys.... I have been building my XS400 DOHC based chopper for a good while now. It's in a Honda Nighthawk 650sc hardtailed frame,for which I have no registration docs or number plate for. It has a frame number,so iv'e been working away,presuming that I will be able to contact the DVLA...
  14. R

    Is my bike really a 1980 XS400S?

    is there somewhere on my bike where I can definitively determine the year and model? I bought the bike five years ago. My registration says it's a 1980 XS400S, and i believe everything on the bike is original stock. When i ordered carb kits based on the year of the bike, the parts didn't fit...
  15. R

    help on tank ID...

    Trying to ID this tank so I can order parts to replace or repair the petcocks. It is mounted on an xs 650 bike, but I believe it may be an xs400 or xs360. The brown color looks to be stock and there is a petcock on both sides. Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated...
  16. M

    Is my XS400 DOHC 12E (UK registered 1982) 45 or 27 Hp

    Hello All I bought an XS400 12E in May. It rides fine but I have always thought is felt a little 'held back'. The bike was registered in 1982, and is as far as I am aware a UK bike (not grey import). My bike has the auto indicator cancel function and the YICS system fitted. Reading...
  17. M

    Is this an xs400 or 400 special?

    Ok, so I just picked this puppy up. It's definitely an 81. I thought it was an xs400h, but after further consideration and a little picture hunting, its beginning to look like an xs400sh or xs400 special. According to the book I have, seeing as the vin on the model starts with 4R5 its ann...
  18. I

    How much is this XS400 worth in Australia?

    Dear XS400 community, I'm not sure if this is in the right place (please let me know if I should post this in classifieds or elsewhere), but I was wondering if anyone would know what I should sell my XS400 for in Australia? I bought it from an older guy who had it since new, and as I was...
  19. M

    What model is mine?

    Hey guys, What model do I have? Pease somebody tell me full name of this motorcycle?? Vin on the engine starts something like 2A2, its 1981, from Germany and it has rear 18 mag wheel. Oh and 20kW :D I add some photos of how it look today after some modifying:) its not finished!, just a...
  20. butcherandthelamb

    Can anyone identify this bike from the crappy picture?

    It kind of looks like a 400 but he said something about it being a 250. He is going to get the vin and run it(the bike is not at his place) but thought I might try here in the meantime.