master cylinder

  1. B

    Master cylinder won’t bleed or build pressure

    Hello got a 1981 xs400. Trying to rebuild the front brake master cylinder. Got the kit took apart the master and the seals were destroyed all cracked and in pieces. So I don’t know where the new seals are suppose to go. Can someone tell me if this is the correct way everything is suppose to go...
  2. R

    1977 XS400 front master cyclnder replacement

    Hello All 1977 XS400, 11K miles The ask: What font master cylinder replacement do you recommend for my motorcycle? The details: The original front master cylinder was corroded beyond repair. I bought two types of replacement master cylinders, one 16mm bore and another 12mm bore. They are the...
  3. J

    Rear Master Cylinder froze/replacement

    Hey, So I've been working on getting my "new" 79 xs400 onto the road, and the problem I'm facing is the piston in the rear master cylinder is stuck inside the cylinder. I bought a rebuild kit for it that replaces the boot, seals and the spring, but that isn't really going to help if I can't...
  4. mmmboost

    Let's see those rear master cylinder setups!

    Once again the previous owner strikes again. I no longer have a stock MC on my bike and I have a bel-crank "racing" master cylinder installed on a welded on bracket to my frame. It looks terrible and I'd really like to clean this up and keep the rear triangle tidy for my cafe setup. Let's see...
  5. Cdelisle95

    Rear Brake Issues

    Hey guys, I have been fixing up a 1979 xs400 on and off for the past year. The bike sat for about a month, and when I took it out for the first time, the back brake does not function at all. (This is a dual disc brake bike.) When I went to bleed the brakes in hopes of fixing the issue, pumping...
  6. T

    new to this and having problems diagnosing my front brake problem (Part 2)

    this is the continuation of my previous post anyways, i ran out of time and the sun went down, but i woke up and i tried doing evertything i did the day before, more of that rust is coming out of those holes.... also im missing an adapter for...
  7. T

    new to this and having problems diagnosing my front brake problem (Part 1)

    hey guys my names jon and im pretty new to the whole maintenance thing, i own a 1979 xs400, and I'm 22. ive been riding dirtbikes, quads and dunebuggies since i was 6 but never really had to maintain anything seeing how the toys i used werent actually mine and they were relatively new. im pretty...
  8. Jso123

    Front brake weak...

    Need advice... I went to Harbor Freight and got their el cheapo one man brake drain kit. The fluid was pretty dirty. Filled up 2 bottles and now it is pretty clean. However, it doesn't work much better. 2 observations: my master cylinder had only the rubber top liner. The diagram had a...
  9. JPaganel

    Replacement front master cylinder

    My master cylinder leaked from the reservoir. 35 years in the sun turned the plastic the consistency and appearance of sponge cake. Also, a previous owner stripped the screw insert on one corner completely out. The reservoirs do not appear to be available separately. Being cheap and in need of...
  10. JPaganel

    Rear disc brake master cylinder seal kit

    My rear brake is wonky. It works, but it sticks, and I have to kick it to get it to let go. I decided I am going to rebuild the rear brakes. I will replace the hose and the seals and clean it all out. The caliper seal kits are the same as for the XS650 and a few other bikes, so they are...
  11. S

    What is the Front Brake Master Cylinder Piston Diameter?

    I am assuming that the rims I am putting on my bike are off a 77-78 model or 80+ model I will post a picture as well. I need to order a master cylinder and there are universal ones that come with everything needed to hook it up the only thing I need to know is if the piston diameter is 13mm or...
  12. MikesChevelle

    What brake lever/master cylinder are you guys running on your cafes

    My stock one is shot and im looking a smaller possible shorty lever set up for my 81 xs400 cafe project. are you guys using an after market universal or a one off a different model bike? thanks
  13. FUBAR

    will these levers/controls work ?

    81 xs400 special with disk front what do you think?? :shrug::shrug:
  14. H

    rear master cylinder compatibiliy

    Does anyone know if a 1978 XS400 rear master cylinder will fit on my 1977 XS400. I'm guessing it probably will work, but I want to make sure before I go and buy it. I have a rear master cylinder rebuild kit already which I assume is for the 1977 (since it came with the bike), so I'm hoping...