1. K

    82' Seca 400 tail/side rack ideas

    Hello! New here.. and relatively new to riding! Got my 82' Seca 400 last summer and have been loving riding and learning A TON about the bike since. Currently working on a few things on it, one of which is finding some sort of tail/side rack for carrying a bit of gear/luggage. I've seen a few...
  2. X

    82' Maxim 650 rack on an 82' Maxim 400?

    Hello all! I searched around but didn't see anything about this. Just recently got my first motorcycle, a 82' Maxim 400 last summer and am looking to making it a little more functional, so I'm trying to find a luggage rack so I can strap on a ghetto milk crate and cart groceries around, etc...
  3. Jso123

    Any recommendations for maxim luggage rack?

    I've got the standard 82 maxim. Not a lot of options out there and some say mounting brackets old separately....worry about those.. Found a great little tail bag on Craigslist today, now I need the rack to attach it to. I know someone ( like 16vGTIDave) has probably already figured this...